With terrain ranging from tropical rainforest to snow-capped peaks and peoples from Thai to Tibetan, Yunnan is the most varied of China's provinces and is one of the most alluring destinations in the entire country. It is also the sixth-largest province and home to a third of China's ethnic minorities (nearly 50%). There are 55 minorities in China, 25 of them live in Yunnan and the province also boasts half of China's plant and animal species. Yunnan is also well known for its year-round mild climate and the word Yunnan actually means South of the Clouds. There are numerous excellent areas for bird watching in Yunnan.

  • $0

    11Days Yunnan-Guizhou Winter Birding Tour

  • $0

    20Days Grand Yunnan Birdwatching Tour


  • $0

    19Days Western Yunnan and GaoliGongshan Mountain Birdwatching Tour


  • $0

    11Days Yunnnan Birdwatching Tour


  • $102

    2 Days Cangshan Mountain Flower Trekking Tour to Malong Peak

    Dali-Cangshan Mountain-Dali

  • $0

    3 Days Lijiang Adventure to Wenhai Lake and Lashihai Lake


  • $679

    4Days Laojun Mountain National Park Trekking Tour and Yunnan Golden Snub-nosed M...

    Lijiang-Shigu-Laojun Mountain-Shigu-Lijiang

  • $335

    5 Days North-East Yunnan Photography Tour

    Kunming - Dongchuan- Luoxiagou

  • $683

    7 Days Yunnan Wild Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration

    Lijiang-Tacheng-Shigu-Laojun Mountain-Liju-Shigu-Lijiang

  • $758

    7Days Baimang Snow Mountain Trekking Tour from the West to East

    Lijiang-Weixi-Yanmen-Baima Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

  • $339

    8 Days Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration and Trekking Tour from Tacheng to Ba...

    Lijiang-Tacheng-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

  • $0

    8Days GaoliGongshan Mountain Birding Tour


  • $40

    10 Days West Yunnan Bird Watching Tour

    Kunming- Dali- Ruili

  • $40

    10Days Laojun Mountain National Park Trekking Tour and Yunnan Golden Snub-nosed ...

    Lijiang-99 Dragon Pools-Elonghaizi-Liju Village-Fengwu Villa-Qixian Lake-Jinsich...

  • $0

    10Days Wild Yunnan Black Snub-nosed Monkeys in Rhinopithecus Bieti Park for Wild...


  • $0

    11 Days Yunnan Flower Tour to Laojunshan Mountain and Baimang Snow Mountain(May&...

    Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila

  • $40

    13 Days Yunnan GaoliGongshan Mountain Birding Tour

    Kunming-Dai -Baoshan-Gaoligongshan -Baihualing-Kunming

  • $40

    17 Days North and West Yunnan Birding Tour


  • $0

    20 Days Northwest Yunnan Flowers and Snub-nosed Monkey Photography Tour with Hab...

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Laojunshan-Hutiaoxia-Haba Village-Shangrila-Baimang Xueshan...

  • $0

    23 Days Yunnan Trekking Tour to Discover Gaoli Gongshan Mountain Nature Reserve ...


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