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Lijiang Restaurants

  Amayi Naxi Restaurant
Bean jelly made from Jidou The restaurant is located inside a quiet courtyard in the ancient city, offering pure taste of delicious Naxi food  Naxi is a ethnic group mainly living in Yunnan Province), such as roast fish , braised steak fillet , bean jelly made from Jidou, a kind of special bean in Lijiang, hot pot with dried spareribs , buttered tea, roast meat .

 Private Home Cuisine In Laodao Fang

hot pot with dried spareribs It is a really small restaurant with only 5 tables. Hence the environment is not good. However, the restaurant still enjoy a great fame for its special “manager”  and its delicious home style dishes, such as huangmen chicken, a kind of stir-fried chicken, hot pot with dried spareribs , stewed chicken with Chinese wild yam , braised beef in sauce , braised fish in sauce  and wild mushroom . 

Long Family Rockfish Restaurant

Long Family Rockfish RestaurantIt is a restaurant offering delicious rockfish. There are two ways to eat the rockfish in this restaurant: hot pot and sashimi. It is a great destination to relish the dainty of rockfish.

Qiuyue Pavilion Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Lijiang. Customers there can relish many delicious dishes, such as salmon, dried spareribs, roast fish in Naxi style and wild mushroom. Besides delicious dishes, the restaurant also provides services of wireless internet and performance. In addition, customers can appreciate the architectural style of Naxi ethnic: building the buildings without any nail or rivet.

Yi Canting

The windows of the restaurant are facing to farmland. The restaurant provides some home style dishes, most of which are a little spicy, such as hoosh , huangmen chicken , a kind of stir-fried chicken), fish cooked with pickles, roast fish, hot pot with dried spareribs  and bean jelly made from Jidou, a kind of special bean in Lijiang .

Yongxia Restaurant

It might a little difficult to find the small restaurant in Zhongyi Wholesale Market. The hospitable locals will show you the way if you ask for help from them. However, the restaurant is quite popular, because of the hospitable services and the delicious dishes, such as hot and sour fish in Naxi style , hoosh , braised cowhells , slices of pettitoes and braised beef in sauce.

A Lili Restaurant

It is a little bit difficult to find the restaurant’s exact location. When customers are waiting for the dishes, it is an interesting experience to read the customers’ messages stamped on the wall. The signature dishes of the restaurant are potato dumplings , dumplings with wrapper made of mashed potato and wrapped vegetable and meat), hoosh , stewed beef with strong-smelling preserved tofu , plum wine  and Lijiang stuffed bun .

Yuerong Zhuang Western Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside Yuerong Zhuang, a hotel facing to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The food there is ok; the highlights in the restaurant must be customers can choose a seat with nice view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The restaurant puts more effort on vegetarian dishes.

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