40Days Yunnan 25 Ethnic Minorities Discovery and Photography Tour
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Highlights: Yunnan is a microcosm of China in the areas of minority affairs and nationality relations. The province has 25 minority groups, nearly half of the countrys total ( 56 ethnic groups ) . With such ethnic diversity it is important to ask the question: what criteria are used to determine minority status and classification? Basically, there are five ways: Race , Language, Culture, Religion, History. Except 25 minorities mentioned in Yunnan, there are three kinds of the Peoples, for the reason of they are not the really a kind of minority in China . but they are the certain branches of the minorities. The three Peoples have the special customs which are quite different with their original nations and very interesting in the recent days for their names in tourism of Yunnan.
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    Dates Destinations Itinerary Brief Meals
    Day1 Arrival Kunming the Green Lake, the Flower and Birds Market
    Day2 Kunming-Shilin County Western Hills, Dianchi Lake, Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Yunnan Nationalities Museum B,L,D
    Day3 Shilin-Luliang-Luoping the Stone Forest, Luliang Culorful Sand Forest B,L,D
    Day4 Luoping Jiulong Waterfalls,Luobuge Gorge, Duoyi River,Buyi Ethnic Villages,Thousands of Mountains B,L,D
    Day5 Luoping-Qiubei-Puzhehei Puzhehei Scenic Area, Xianren Cave, the boat cruise, Yi and Miao ethnic villages B,L,D
    Day6 Puzhehei-Bamei Nian Lake Park, Bronze Drum Square, Bamei Xianadu Village B,L,D
    Day7 Bamei-Yanshan Bamei-Yanshan
    Day8 Yanshan-Kaiyuan-Gejiu-Jianshui Yanshan-Kaiyuan-Gejiu-Jianshui B,L,D
    Day9 Jianshui-Yuanyang Jianshui-Yuanyang B,L,D
    Day10 Yuanyang the sunrise view of Duoyishu Rice Terraces, Bada Rice Terraces, Shengcun Market, Qingkou Village, the sunset view of Laohuzui Rice Terraces B,L,D
    Day11 Yuanyang-Luchun-Jiangcheng Yuanyang-Luchun-Jiangcheng B,L,D
    Day12 Jiangcheng-Zhengdong-Mengla Jiangcheng-Zhengdong-Mengla B,L,D
    Day13 Mengla-Menglun-Jinghong Mengla-Menglun-Jinghong B,L,D
    Day14 Jinghong-Ganlanba-Jinghong Jinghong-Ganlanba-Jinghong B,L,D
    Day15 Jinghong-Menghai-Lancang Jinghong-Menghai-Lancang B,L,D
    Day16 Lancang-Menglian-Ximeng Lancang-Menglian-Ximeng B,L,D
    Day17 Ximeng-Shuangjiang Ximeng-Shuangjiang B,L,D
    Day18 Shuangjiang-Cangyuan Shuangjiang-Cangyuan B,L,D
    Day19 Cangyuan Cangyuan B,L,D
    Day20 Cangyuan-Gengma-Zhenkang Nangunhe Nature Reserve, Dai ethnic villages B,L,D
    Day21 Zhenkang-Mengyang-Mangshi Nujiang River, original forest and ethnic villages B,L,D
    Day22 Mangshi-Wanding-Ruili Menghuan Grand Pagoda, the Peacock Lake, the Pagoda wrapped in the tree, Moli Waterfall and Rain Forest, Jiegao Myanmar and China Border B,L,D
    Day23 Mangshi-Longchuan-Yingjiang-Lianghe-Tengchong Jiele Golden Pagoda, One Tree Forest, Dayingjiang River, Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Palace B,L,D
    Day24 Tengchong Rehai Hot Spring, Beihai Wetland Park, Heshun Ancient Town B,L,D
    Day25 Tengchong-Liuku-Fugong Gaolig Gongshan Mountain Nature Reserve, Nujiang River B,L,D
    Day26 Fugong-Gongshan-Bingzhongluo Nujiang Grand Canyon,Nu ethnic village,the Suspension Bridges B,L,D
    Day27 Bingzhongluo Nujiang Grand Canyon, Bingzhongluo Village,Nujiang River (Salween River), the First Bend of Nujiang River B,L,D
    Day28 Bingzhongluo-Gongshan-Cizhong Nujiang Grand Canyon,Dulong ethnic village
    Day29 Cizhong-Meili Snow Mountain-Feilaisi Cizhong-Meili Snow Mountain-Feilaisi
    Day30 Feilaisi-Shangrila Feilaisi-Shangrila
    Day31 Shangrila Shangrila
    Day32 Shangrila-Lijiang Shangrila-Lijiang
    Day33 Lijiang Lijiang
    Day34 Lijiang-Lugu Lake Lijiang-Lugu Lake
    Day35 Lugu Lake-Lijiang Lugu Lake-Lijiang
    Day36 Lijiang-Shaxi-Dali Lijiang-Shaxi-Dali
    Day37 Dali-Erhai Lake-Xizhou-Dali Dali
    Day38 Dali-Donglianhua Village-Weishan-Dali Dali-Donglianhua Village-Weishan-Dali
    Day39 Dali-Yunnanyi-Chuxiong-Kunming Dali-Yunnanyi-Chuxiong-Kunming
    Day40 Departure from Kunming
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