25Days Qinghai-Sichuan-Yunnan Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
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Highlights: A pre-extension to the Four Rivers, Six Ranges: The Horse Festivals (009), this is one of the great koras around one of the most sacred mountains in Tibet. The snowy peaks of the Amnye Machen (Magyel Pomra) range are considered sacred by all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as by Bön followers and the Golok nomads. Its main peak - Machen Gangri (6282m) - is the abode of Machen Pomra, a very powerful protector god, and one of the most important deities in Amdo; every year thousands of pilgrims come here to do the kora (7 to 9 days). Though many have died in the trying, it remains righteously unscaled. Rising out of the expansive grasslands of SW Amdo Tibet, Manchen Pomra, once seen, captivates the eye to remain the constant focus of the kora. The circuit itself is roughly 150 km, at altitudes of between 4-5000m. Using pack-yaks and horses, the walk will take 8 days, crossing a few major passes (and some minor ones too!), fording streams, and mixing it up with the nomadic Golok pastoralists who inhabit the area, along the way passing much in the way of power places - no surprise, that! For those with the time and inclination, this is a great way to get close to the country and culture of this region - a classic trek.
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    Dates Destinations Itinerary Brief Meals
    Day1 Arrive in Xining City Xining City
    Day2 Xining - Kokonor Lake Kokonor Lake
    Day3 Kokonor Lake- Guide the Yellow River,Guide County
    Day4 Guide - Machen Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day5 Machen - Sancha Kou - Sarlong Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day6 Sarlong - Tamchok Gongkhar Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day7 Tamchok Gongkhar - Shima Tongpul Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tou
    Day8 Shima Tongpul - Jomo langra Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day9 Jomo langra - Longpo Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day10 Longpo - Dadul Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day11 Longpo - Drikde Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day12 Drikde - Hanglong Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day13 Hanglong - Machen Amnye Machen Kora Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour
    Day14 Machen-Maduo Bayan Kala Mountain,the high plateau (reaching 5000m),Maduo County
    Day15 Maduo-Yushu Bayan Kala Mountain pass(4832M),Tongtian River,Xinzhai Giant Mini Stones,Jyekundo Town
    Day16 Yushu-Shiqu Sershul gompa Monastery,Shiqu County,Bumnying Gompa Monastery
    Day17 Shiqu-Manigange Tsatsa Monastery,Zhechen Monastery,Rinyur Monastery, Muri La Mountain Pass(4533M),Manigange Town
    Day18 Manigange-Dege Yilhun Lhatso (4500m) Lake,Tro la Mountain Pass(4916m),the Zi-chu river Gorge
    Day19 Derge-Katok-Baiyu Pelpung Gompa Monastery,Baiyu County
    Day20 Baiyu-Xinlong Palyul Monastery,Dorkho Gompa Monastery,Zera Gompa Monastery
    Day21 Xinlong-Litang Litang Grassland,Litang Monastery,Genie Snow Mountain
    Day22 Litang-Xiangcheng Haizi Snow Mountain Range,the Shu-chu River, Daocheng County,Xiangcheng County
    Day23 Xiangcheng-Shangrila Big and Small Snow Mountains,Zhongwenshui Village,Birang Grand Canyon,Dukezong Ancient Town
    Day24 Shangri La-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang the First Bend of Yangtze River, Shigu Ancient Town, Stone Drum, Iron Chain Bridge, Tiger Leaping Gorge (the upper part)
    Day25 Departure from Lijiang Departure.
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