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Changning County History

Changning County(昌宁县) is located in western Yunnan Province, taking the names of Baoshan (Yongchang永昌), and Fengqing(Shunning顺宁)for the county in 1933, which belongs to Baoshan City. It is a young multi-ethnic mountainous agricultural county, located in the junction of western Yunnan Dali, Lincang and Baoshan. It is a county which formed later.

In 2000, Changning county’s jurisdiction was over 2 towns, 12 townships: Youdian Town(右甸镇),Dabing Town(达丙镇),Zhujie Yi Township(珠街彝族乡), Goujie Yi and Miao Township(耇街彝族苗族乡), Wandian Dai Township(湾甸傣族乡), Mangshui Township(漭水乡),Datianba Township(大田坝乡), Kejie Township(柯街乡), Kasi Township(卡斯乡), Jifei Township(鸡飞乡),Wengdu Township(翁堵乡), Wenquan Township(温泉乡), Mengtong Township(勐统乡), and Gengga Township(更戛乡).  According to the fifth census data, the county had a total population of 333241 people, including (people) : Youdian Town(右甸镇)32779, Dabing Town(达丙镇)24260, Wenquan Township(温泉乡)24604, Mangshui Township(漭水乡)28854, Datianba Township(大田坝乡)21974, Jifei Township(鸡飞乡)18942, Wengdu Township(翁堵乡)14320, Kejie Township(柯街乡)30805, Kasi Township(卡斯乡)37577, Wandian Dai Township(湾甸傣族乡)13720, Gengga Township(更戛乡)23590, Mengtong Township(勐统乡)24028, Zhujie Yi Township(珠街彝族乡)14779, Goujie Yi and Miao Township(耇街彝族苗族乡)23009.


In 2001, Changning County’s jurisdiction was over 6 towns, 5 townships, 3 nationality townships: Youdian Town(右甸镇),Dabing Town(达丙镇), Mangshui Town(漭水镇), Kejie Town(柯街镇), Kasi Town(卡斯镇), Mengtong Town(勐统镇), Wenquan Township(温泉乡), Datianba Township(大田坝乡), Jifei Township(鸡飞乡), Wengdu Township(翁堵乡), Gengga Township(更嘎乡), Wandian Dai nationality township(湾甸傣族乡), Zhujie Yi nationality township(猪街彝族乡), Goujie Yi and Miao nationality township(苟街彝族苗族乡).

In 2005, Changning county repealed the Youdian Town(右甸镇)and Dabing Town(达丙镇), combined to set up the Tianyuan(田园镇). The county’s government stationed in Guanmiao Community.

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