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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Travel Tips

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the most famous holy snow mountain in Yunnan Province, is a must-see attraction in your Yunnan tour. Here I list some tips for travelers who plan to have a trip to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

♦ Sightseeing Tips

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trip Tips► Best time to visit: from Nov to May in the next year

► Reason: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is suitable for traveling in whole year generally. Different season will see different scenery. In summer, you can see the green forest surrounding the while snow peak; in winter, you can see a snow kingdom covered by white color everywhere.

Best to avoid: 

► Period around Oct. It is foggy season at that time. So you could not get a view of the snow mountain at that time.

► From May, the snow on the mountain begin to melt. And the melting movement will be finished in July. So there is nearly no snow on the Large Cable Way from July. 

♦ Distances between Lijiang Ancient Town and Cableways

► Lijiang Ancient Town - The Large Cableway: 35km, 30min driving

► Lijiang Ancient Town - Yunshanping Cableway: 48km, 40min driving

► Lijiang Ancient Town - Maoniuping Cableway: 52km, 45min driving

Open time: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

♦ Difference among three cablewasy

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trip Tips► Large Cableway - also referred to Glacier cableway. It is a cableway for travelers to get to the highest altitude in scenic area (4500m+). Close to see the thousands-of-year glacier.

Note: when in windy day, the Large Cableway may be close for safety problem. Cable car may shake heavily in windy day.

► Middle Cableway - also called Maoniuping Cableway (牦牛坪索道). It is in an altitude about 3600m. A vast grassland for travelers to see the snow mountain in a far distance. Maoniuping area is located in the north part of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area. The highest altitude is 4000m. 

► Small Cableway - also called Yunshanping Cableway (云杉坪索道). It is located in an altitude about 3240m. If you only have half day to visit, you can choose this cableway. A longer distance from the snow mountain than Maoniuping.

Notes: See more introductions of three cableways in page 3 Cableways in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

► A suggested sightseeing route

A suggested route (based on The Large Cableway): Entering the site - taking a scenic shuttle bus to the cableway start point - taking on the cableway to the top of the snow mountain - walking for a distance to the peak (4,506 km above the sea level) - walking back to the cableway - taking cable car back - shuttle bus to the entrance

Note: In the high season, you may have to get a line to wait for the cable car

♦ Tips for Large Cableway Route

1) Better to take a piece of feather jacket when you visit (check about the temperature before visiting). A feather jacket can also be rented at the cableway station on the mountain foot.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trip Tips2) Heart disease patients should give up this cableway because high altitude may cause serious problem.

► See more details on High Altitude Sickness Tips

3) If you are afraid to suffer from the high altitude sickness, you can rent an oxygen tank in the scenic area. Whether to rent or not is based on the practical situation. Not every one needs.

4) The Large Cableway will lead visitors to Shanzidou (扇子陡) Area. It is the main peak of the mountain. The start point of Large Cableway is on 3356m, and ends on 4506m. When getting of the cable car, you can still walk a distance to the highest point in the scenic area - place on 4680m altitude.

♦ What to Pack

1) When in windy day, a feather jacket is necessary. (You can rent when arrival there.)

2) The hot drink on the mountain is expensive. So if possible, you can prepare some chocolate and hot drinking water by yourself when visit there.

3) A pair of sunglasses is necessary

♦ Safety Tips

1) Don’t choose to ride the horse to climb the mountain. It is a trap and you may have not chance to see the snow mountain.

2) Don’t walk fast when on the mountain, keep a moderate pace.

3) Be care of your belongs

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