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Lianghe Overview
In Chinese: 梁河县 ; In Pinyin: Liáng Hé Xiàn 
Administrative Division Code : 533122;
Post Code : 679200
Phone Area Code :0692
The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate : 云N
The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 533122
Area Coverage: 1159 square kilometers;
Population : 160,000 persons (by the end of 2010);
Seat of Government: Zhedao Town

our Guide to Lianghe: Streets and Roads

Luogong LineNandian RoadDachang StreetZhenxing RoadBingjie LineTuanjie RoadGanyin LineBaorui HighwayYinsa Road

County is at the third level in China's administrative divisional system. It's amongst the seven types ofCounty level administrative divisions(县级行政区).
  • Counties (县 xiàn) ( Totally 1,461 across China)

  • Autonomous counties (自治县 zìzhìxiàn) (Totally 117 across China)

  • County-level cities(县级市 xiànjíshì) (Totally 370 across China)

  • Districts (市辖区 shìxiáqū) (Totally 853 across China)

  • Banners (旗 qí) (Totally 49 across China)

  • Autonomous banners (自治旗 zìzhìqí) (Totally 3 )

  • Forestry areas (林区 línqū) (1)

Subdivisions under its JurisdictionS/NFull NameIn ChineseIn Pinyin1Zhedao Town遮岛镇Zhedao2Mengyang Town勐养镇Mengyang3Mangdong Town芒东镇Mangdong4Nangsong Achang Ethnic Township曩宋阿昌族民族乡Nangsong5Jiubao Achang Ethnic Township九保阿昌族民族乡Jiubao6Hexi Township河西乡Hexi7Nangsong Achang Ethnic Township曩宋阿昌族乡Nangsong8Jiubao Achang Ethnic Township九保阿昌族乡Jiubao9Dachang Township大厂乡Dachang10Xiaochang Township小厂乡Xiaochang

Administrative divisions with the same English name in the People's Republic of China: 

Lianghe Town [in Chinese: 两河镇 ] ,located in Kangxian CountyGansu Province
Lianghe Town [in Chinese: 亮河镇 ] ,located in Shangzhi CityHeilongjiang Province
Lianghe Town [in Chinese: 两河镇 ] ,located in Dangyang CityHubei Province
Lianghe Town [in Chinese: 两河镇 ] ,located in Shiquan CountyShaanxi Province
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Quanzhou CountyGuangxi Zhuang Aut. Region
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Panxian CountyGuizhou Province
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Pingshan CountyHebei Province
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Huayuan CountyHunan Province
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Nanzheng CountyShaanxi Province
Lianghe Township [in Chinese: 两河乡 ] ,located in Zhashui CountyShaanxi Province

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