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Luoping Travel Tips

Luoping is located at the humid area, more rainy days. It brings a certain degree of difficulty to the shooting. Because shooting canola flower generally require bright light, so as to demonstrate the bright and colorful. Do not backlight, especially when shooting the big scene, otherwise, the canola flower will appear dark and lifeless. It is generally using light or side light to make the photo bright and crisp, structured with high color saturation.


Luoping Useful Information:


In Luoping County, there is several Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, postal savings banks, but ATM is less. Usually, you need to pay in cash to buy things, and only in some shops of Qujing City, you can swiping card.


Post office

Postal Code: 655800


Luoping has Shen Tong, Zhong Tong, Yuan Tong, EMS, China Post and Yunda, mailing things are very convenient.


Phone Numbers 







Emergency Center


Traffic accidents


Weather Forecast


Tourist Complaint

0874 -8214876

Luoping County Tourism Bureau

0874 -8212524, 8219506

Luoping County Hospital

0874 -8228196, 8228102

Coach Inquiries

0874 -8212327

Consumer Complaints Contact

0874 -8231115, 12315

Tourist vehicle maintenance, emergency

0874 -8262156



Luoping County’s general three-star hotels and guesthouses can provide wifi service. In addition, there are also a number of internet bars within the county can access.



There are People's Hospital and the Second People's Hospital for medical treatment at the Luo Lubuge Avenue. The pharmacies can provide some travel required medicines.


Travel Safety

Luoping people are simple and honest. There is good law and order. However, traveling to other places, you still have to pay attention to your backpacks and items.


Best Spots for Photography

-Jinji Peak

It is recommended to go to the Jinji Peak at the northeast direction of Luoping County. Climbing on the Jinji Peak, the canola fields seem flat with the solitary peaks at distance, which looks very beautiful and grand.


-The way from Dshui Well to Duoyi River Scenic Area

On the way from Dashui Well to Duoyi Scenic Area, there are undulating terrains, canola is planted with the terrain, full of changes, which is a good place to take pictures


-Niujie Village

Niujie Village, located at north of the county, is also a good spot. There are terraces with canola planted. Some also plant wheat and vegetables. Difference colors interweave, comparing with Jinji Peaks, the canola fields here has another flavor. 


-Jiulong Waterfalls

There are also beautiful canola fields around Jiulong Waterfall. The lower reach of Jiulong Waterfalls could not see canola flowers.


-On the Train from Kunming to Luoping

From Kunming to Louping, there are also canola fields, which is very beautiful.


Best time to take picture of canola flower

It is best to choose to sunny day to photograph canola flowers.

Niujie Village: the best time is 4:00-6:00 in the afternoon.

Jinji Peaks: the best time to shoot sunrise is 7:00-7:30 in the morning, while sunset is after 17:00 in the afternoon.


Luoping’s morning is mist. You can stand at high place to shooting ground scene. Do not shoot canola flower backlit, especially the big scenes, as backlit will make canola flower dark and lifeless in the picture. Light or side light is good to make the photo bright and live, structured with high color saturation.

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