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Yuanmou County Food

All ethnic groups are Wu Dingxian Farmer at long-term feeding process, by fine varieties "nine catties yellow" cultivated a fine chicken. Zhuang Wuding hatching in the spring chicken in general, the summer of castration, the winter market. Hen castrate especially one of the most consumers, not only the high rate of meat, and meat in particular fresh plump.



Yuanmou Roasted pig 元谋烤猪

Yuanmou pig roast along with a local flavor is the traditional cuisine, raw materials, which use lean pig, get it clean and then, coated with a variety of condiments, baked on charcoal fire until cooked skin yellow flesh.


Yuanmou Cold chicken元谋凉鸡

The cold chicken has been a name card in food for travelers to Yuanmou.
The cooking method of the cold chicken in Yuanmou County differs from other places in Yunnan. When a spring chick is killed and well cleaned. The local people put the whole chick into the pot and scald it with heated water. The water is heated but not boiled. When the skin wrinkles, take it out and cut it into slice. The cold chicken is ready when the seasonings are prepared for gingering up. The meat tastes sweet and fresh.
As a branded product in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, it has enjoyed a history of nearly one hundred years. And it is a must-choice for tourists to the county. 


barking deer jerky

An Introduction to Dehydrating Food Dehydration is all about removing water from food. Doing this helps to preserve the food (bacteria need water) and concentrate flavor. It’s a common misconception that you need heat to dehydrate food. But low humidity, not heat, is the driving force behind dehydration. Warming the air surrounding the food helps keep it dry, but if the air doesn’t move, the food will stay wet. So when dehydrating food in the kitchen, make certain that air can freely circulate around it.
Sidenote: You can achieve the same preservation of dehydration by leaving the water in food but making it unavailable to bacteria. Just add substances like sugar and salt, which bind to water molecules and lock them away. Lox (salt-cured salmon) and salted butter are safe to keep at room temperature for this reason—but unsalted butter is not!




Tartary buckwheat cake

Many parts of Yunnan have Baba, such as Dali, Lijiang Baba, Baba joy. Tartary buckwheat cake is Yi food, buckwheat is a production of coarse grains in Yunnan alpine areas, and tartary buckwheat and division, do Baba actually used is not very bitter buckwheat. Buckwheat is cool and refreshing, characteristics of pure and sweet, and at the same time with a variety of amino acids the body needs, is always one of the ideal food for diabetic patients. Because of tartary buckwheat cake slightly bitter flavor, in the Yi areas, when the spring is the season of tartary buckwheat honey, people put Baba cooked or fried, will remove the honey from the bucket of honey, with crisped leaves large wrap, dipping tartary buckwheat cake.

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