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Major festivals and events in June in Yunnan Province

In this June, the major traditional festival of China is the Dragon Boat Festival, while in the southwestern province of Yunnan, the China-South Asia Expo, some traditional ethnic festivals and the timely fruit harvesting activities will take place.

China-South Asia Expo
Kunming (China) Import & Export Fair
Date: 6-10 June
Venue: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Yiliang Tourism Festival and Flower Fair
Date: 7-14 June
Place: Xiangya Lake area, Yiliang County, Kunming
Yiliang is the must-pass stop from Kunming to the Stone Forest, and it is home to the famous Karst caves in Jiuxiang Town. As a main ornamental nursery base in Kunming area, Yiliang organises such event each year highlighted by a flower fair and activities such as competition of eating roast duck.

"Honghe Valley” Golden Mango Festival
Date: 9-12 June
Place: Yuanjiang county seat, Yuxi City
Crowned “the Sun City” in the Honghe River Valley, Yuanjiang is a huge orchard of tropical fruits like mango, lychee, and banana etc. People here celebrate the harvest by staging the Mango Festival, and various join-in activities are arranged for visitors, such as water splashing, beer carnival, competition of eating mango, and “mango beauty pageant” etc.

Horse-racing Festival
Date: 12-14 June
Place: Shangri-La County, Diqing Prefecture
When many parts of China are redolent with rice dumplings, Shangri-La in the northwest of Yunnan province is busy with the Tibetan-style horse racing during the Dragon Boat Festival. As the best season for travelling to Shangri-La draws near, the yearly event is what one mustn’t miss.

10th “South Silk Road” Tourism and Trade Fair 
2013 Lancangjiang Beer Carnival
2013 Duanyang Flower Market

Date: 11-25 June
Place: Longyang District, Baoshan City

Huashan Festival of the Miaos
Date: 12 June
Place: Sanjiao Miao ethnic Village, Liangwan Town, Shuifu County, Zhaotong City

Pumi Ethnic Valentine’s Day
Date: 12 June
Place: Lanping County, Nujiang Prefecture

Activities for Summer Solstice
Date: 21 June
Place: Mojiang County, Pu’er City

Zhuang Ethnic “Coloured Rice” Festival 
Date: June
Place: Baihe Town, Pingbian County, Honghe Prefecture

Grape Harvest Festival
Date: from late June to early July
Place: Dongfeng Farm, Mi’le County, Honghe Prefecture

Information listed on this webpage is only for reference, and any change of the Date or Place shall be subject to sponsors and organisers.

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