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Seagulls, beautiful winter scenery in Kunming

Places for watching and feeding seagulls in Kunming

From the middle of November, many Kunming citizens began to schedule up to visit several popular parks in the city to welcome the red-beaked seagulls. One of the main winter habitats of red-beaked seagulls is the Green Lake Park (Cuihu Park) in downtown of Kunming which is called cozy home by migratory  seagulls that are said to travel afar from Russia.

Indeed, with many a historical and cultural site, Kunming has been an important destination for watching seagulls in winter in the southwest of China since the 1980s when red-beaked seagulls first alighted here. You can find the whereabouts of seagulls in the city for nearly half a year, from as early as November to as late as next March; and there are several places for a seagull programme.Click here to view the gallery.

Green Lake Park

It is the most visited park of Kunming City, with many nearby historical and cultural sites such as the former site of Yunnan Military Academy, Yunnan University, and Yuantong Buddhist Temple. The park is busy all the year round because lots of amateur artistic troupes put on performances here; but these red-beaked angels never appear timid no matter how many visitors swarm into the park. Accommodation nearby is in easy touch, such as the Green Lake Hotel, Grand Park Hotel, Home Inn, Shiping Restaurant (Shiping Gild Hall), and Blue Bird Café etc. 
(1)-Entry fee: free of charge;
(2)-Seagull fodder is available;
(3)-How to go there
*You can get to Xiaoximen at first, and then walk about 10 minutes to the park;
*You also can take public bus ride: No. 100, 133, 139, Z5;
*By taxi.

Haigeng Park

It is near the Yunnan Nationalities Village 8 km from downtown, and on the eastern shore of Dianchi Lake. From the park, you can get a nice view of the West Hill where the famous Dragon Gate grottos are. 
(1)-Entry fee: about 10 yuan; 
(2)-Seagull fodder is available;
(3)-How to go there
*Public bus lines: No. 24, 44, 73, 94, 135, 171, 171, 183, 199, A1, A4, A9.
*By taxi.

Haigeng Dam

On the eastern shore of the Dianchi Lake, the dam is one of the popular sites in Kunming's Dianchi Lake Holiday Resort 8 km from downtown. During the Chinese New Year Festival, herds of locals and tourists will gather here to feed seagulls and admire sceneries of the West Hill. 
(1)-Entry fee: free of charge;
(2)-Seagull fodder is available;
(3)-How to go there
*Public bus lines: No. 73, 171, 183;
*By taxi.

Daguan Park


It is on the eastern shore of Dianchi Lake, 2 km from downtown. The lakeside park is also where the Daguan River flows into the lake.
(1)-Entry fee: 20 yuan;
(2)-Seagull fodder is available;
(3)-How to go there
*Public bus lines: No. 4, 22, 52, 95, 97, 100, 104, 124, 131, 143, 166, 183, C8;
*By taxi.

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