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Baoshan Stone Town Overview

Baoshan Stone town is located about 110 km north of Lijiang in Yunnan province. It comprises of more than one hundred families on the top of a gigantic rock. This town was built in the late 13th century (Yuan Dynasty). In the Naxi tongue, it is called "La Bai Lu Pan Wu". La Bai was the first local Naxi leader, who lives here. Lu Pan Wu means white stone village. This town has such a long history due to it's unique geographic location. Below this stone town and towards the eastern side, lies the Golden Sand River. The other three sides are steep cliffs. The top of the cliff becomes a guarding post for the town.In this town, you may feel amazed at the sight of many household equipments which were make of stone. In most of the houses, their household items e.g. table, bed, water tank, fire stove are all carved out of big stones. You may wonder where do they do their farming of crops. They do their planting just below this uniquely perched village.


Like the Machu citizen of Inca Empire, Boshan is also a huge stone town. This stone town lies in the Jinshajiang River valley northeast of Jade Dragon Mountain. It is not a castle made of stones but a town built on a gigantic rock. The people built their houses according to the things that they can use around them. Some people use stones to make columns, desks and tables, and some water vats, stone kitchen range and even bed. All these stones are polished smoothly,. They record life Naxi people year by year. Touching the stones we can feel that our ancestors are living around us. The most amazing thing in town is the indepent irrigating system that the villagers use for each track of field without affect those of others', which shows us the admirable wisdom of the Naxi people.


Different with the mystical disappearance of the Machu Pichu citizen, the Stone Town of Baoshan has existed for thousands of years from the day when it was built. Naxi people use about a thousand years to move from northwest China to the bank of the Jinshajiang River and develop from a nomadic ethnic group that can make a town on a huge rock. This castle built by Naxi ancestors is not only a military defense but also a homeland for the people. More than one hundred households live here from generation to generation. They keep the ancient tradition and lead a free and peaceful life on this rock.

Baoshan Stone Town is not a town made of stone as it is named, but a big village built on a huge stone. The mighty nature mother brought along a heavy stone, and the diligent Naxi People turned it into a wonderland under heaven. 

Baoshan Stone Town is located on the north of Lijang; about 110 km from the Lijiang Ancient Town. At this small town, with its highest altitude of 4600 meters and the lowest of 1600 meters above the sea level, the difference in altitude is as much as 3000 meters. The huge stone is about 0.5 square kilometers on the waterfront which is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and Jinsha River on the fourth. The Baoshan Town was just built on this huge stone. 

In size, Baoshan Stone Town might have been a bit too small; but the precise layout of the architecture is completely impressive. With three streets across and five streets upright, they lead up to every corner of the town.  It is extremely difficult for people to slip the sight of architectural and furniture designs.  The floorings of the houses, the pillars and eaves are all made of stones. Then the furniture like stone beds, stone pillows, stone basins, and stone tables were carved from the huge stones that looked similar to one another. As a ‘town’, Baoshan Stone Town is just too nice and little, but on the other hand, it is a wonderful piece of artistic work. Hundreds of families have lived on this huge stone over a thousand years. The clever Naxi People carved their wisdom, their life and hardworking spirit into the craftsmanship. 

In history, Kublai Khan once led his army across the Jinsha River and arrived where Baoshan Stone Town is today in autumn 1253. Since then, the local population has been growing day after day. 

Boashan Stone Town sits there, appearing uniquely simple and unsophisticated, and exhibiting the charm of local culture at the same time. 

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