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Daju Overview

Situated at northeast end of Tiger Leaping Gorge to the south of the Yangtze River, Daju town is best known for its important crossing point of the Lijiang’s fabulous treks and its magnificent view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Upon completing the stunning trek of Tiger Leaping Gorge, many travelers simply turn around and return to Lijiang by roughly the same route along which they came—going back southwest to Qiaotou and then arranging transportation to Lijiang.

This approach has a few pitfalls. First, it requires that one see the same scenery twice, which is bad for people on short vacations who want to fit in as much sightseeing as possible.

Additionally, the paved road through the gorge has been impassable during much of the last year due to rockslides and dynamiting, which can make it a challenge to get back to Qiaotou at all.

The alternate route back to Lijiang through the town of Daju (大具) is a great way for travelers to get back without retracing their routes or getting snarled in blockages on the Tiger Leaping Gorge public road.

The locals are very friendly and hospitality. Visitors may live in a guesthouse and ask owners for some tour information.

After finishing the stunning trek of Tiger Leaping Gorge, many tourists turn back to Lijiang by roughly the same route along which they came—going back southwest to Qiaotou village and then arranging transportation to Lijiang. The alternate route back to Lijiang through the town of Daju is a better way.

This road back to Lijiang goes around the east side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range. If weather permitted, passengers could have a view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Connection with Nature

Daju is surrounded by lush fields of grain and vegetables, which are fed by springs and rivers gushing out of the surrounding mountains. With a high forest coverage rate, Daju town the destination for those tourists who are fascinated with greenery, those who enjoy crisp air, those in love with nature, those who are fond of exploring and those who escape from modern cities.

Imagine when wandering or running around fields in the sunset, the breeze is nudging your cheeks and fresh air hit your body. People can catch a glimpse of the village life: cattle, limpid stream, local women doing their laundry along the river bank, and the lovely sceneries. This tranquility is exactly what many visitors desire for a long time.

Walking on, visitors will be at the foot of the mysterious mountain.

The one thing people would complaint is that they could not bring all those nice things home. In Daju, people will feel a closer relationship with nature. No wonder Daju town is the very place which makes domestic tourists enjoy at ease, and foreign guests feel like home.

How to Go to Other Places


A daily public buse links Lijiang to Daju (90km), departing at 7:30am or 1:00pm. Visitors can take one of the daily public buses back to Lijiang, for about 20 yuan. It is recommended that you reserve a seat as far in advance as possible through your guesthouse. If visitors try to go to Daju from Lijiang, they would likely be charged the fee of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, for this area belonging to the scenic spots of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Daju to Tiger Leaping Gorge

There are some small paths to the northern town which are nice hiking lines leading to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Visitors have to start from Low Road of the Gorge and cross the Jinsha River. If it rains heavily, the new ferry will stop service. Then visitors will spend 2 hours walking to old ferry. Follow the road marks.

After crossing the river, walking to Daju from new ferry takes 2 hours, from old ferry takes only one hour. Sometime there are shuttle buses waiting for visitor near ferries..

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