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Chengjiang Travel Tips

Chengjiang County (澄江县) is in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, China, just north of Fuxian Lake.Lying in the central plateau of Yunnan in the northern subtropical zone with a fairly low latitude, and under the regulating effects of Fuxianhu Lake and Yangzonghai Lake, Chengjiang County enjoys a very mild climate, with spring-like weather all the year round. In the plains the annual man temperature is 15.5 Centigrade, and the annual rainfall 958 mm. The raining season falls on May through October.

Where to stay 

About Yuxi Chengjiang Fuxian Resort - Kunming

Location: Yuxi Chengjiang Fuxian Resort - Kunming is a beachfront hotel located in Yuxi.

Hotel Features: Yuxi Chengjiang Fuxian Resort - Kunming features a restaurant. Room service is available. Recreational amenities include an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a health club, and a sauna. This 4-star property offers small meeting rooms and business services. This Yuxi property has 4 meeting rooms. Concierge services and tour/ticket assistance are available. Guest parking is complimentary. Additional property amenities include laundry facilities, currency exchange, and ATM/banking services.

Guestrooms: There are 81 guestrooms at Yuxi Chengjiang Fuxian Resort - Kunming. Wireless Internet access is complimentary. Guests may request wake-up calls.

Luchong Science spot(澄江县禄充风景区) & cherry Village science spots 樱花谷景区

Fuxian Lake, the cherry Valley project is located in Yuxi Fuxian Lake, Lake Road 7. Will be built in the area lofty health of world-class leisure and sports destination; build the global health regimen destination; most distinctive travel consumer destination style commercial street here; very Chengdu. Platinum five-star front-line Lakeview Hotel and experience the unique landscape of the unprecedented. World-class international forums Center, to build a global high-end event with international influence. Fuxian Lake River cherry valley, creating 5A class cultural tourism experience theme park. 40000 cherry, including Dian cherry, winter cherry, weeping cherry.

Hours: all day

Address: chengjiang county

Price: 80USD

Chengjiang Fossil Site 

Chengjiang Fossil Site records the early establishment of a complex marine ecosystem in the Cambrian Period of 530 million years ago, systematically displaying over 200 fossil species of 16 phyla. It not only provides precious evidence for the origin and evolution of early forms of life, but it also challenges Darwin's biological evolutionary theory. Chengjiang Fossil Site was listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO on July 1, 2012.

Location:Chengjiang Fossil Site, 20 kilometers long, 4.5 kilometers wide, and 50 meters deep, is situated on Mt. Maotian, Chengjiang County, Yuxi, Yunnan. Chengjiang Fossil Museum is built on Chengjiang Fossil Excavation Site, and Maotianshan has become one of China's National Geo-Parks (帽天山国家地质公园).

Exhibits:The museum displays the anatomies of hard and soft tissues of various organisms, invertebrate and vertebrate, and it boasts the best-preserved ancient fossils of its kind in the world. More remarkably, the major remote ancestors of today's animals are found in Chengjiang Fossil Site, and some fossil species are found nowhere else in the world, which is of great benefit to research on the bio-physiological structures and ecological environment during the Cambrian Period.

Travel Essentials:As a “fossil treasure house” of China, Chengjiang Fossil Site features over 120 fossil species, including sponges, coelenterates, nematomorphs, priapulans, kinorhynches, branchiopods, arthropods and chordates, and a variety of enigmatic groups and algae are also displayed.

The discovery of Chengjiang Fossil Site enables us to see the original appearances of the oldest creatures on the earth, from which we know the earth has been swarming with various creatures since the Cambrian Period. It's among the most important discoveries of the 21st century.

Transport: a taxi will take you there from Chengjiang County

Open: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

Chengjiang National Geopark

Chengjiang National Geopark, one of the first batch of the national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources of P.R.C., is located in Chengjiang County around Maotianshan Area. It is 52 km away from Kunming City, and covers a total area of 18 sq km.The main geological remains in the park are paleontologic fossils. The park conserves up to 40 divisions and more than 100 types of fauna fossils in the Precambrian (530 million years ago), including hard-bodied creatures' fossils and Mollusca imprint fossils. It is a very valuable geological relic, which offers fossil specimens for researching the booming phenomenon in fauna's population in the Precambrian, and fauna's anatomical structure, life habit, evolution and habitat in that aera.

What to See (the Main Attractions)

[ Fuxian Lake] The lake takes the shape of a cucurbit with its wide end in the north and its narrow end in the south. As well, the middle part of the lake is thin and long. The lake bank's length is 98 km and the lake's area is 212 sq km. It is the second deepest freshwater lake in China.

[ Chengjiang Paleontologic Museum] There are ten thousand world-famous fauna fossil samples of the Precambrian, and Chengjiang fauna fossils feature largely in the museum.

[ Maotianshan Paleontologic Relics] Chengjiang fossils provide valuable scientific thoughts to discover the mystery of the booming phenomenon in fauna's population in the Precambrian. Meanwhile, it offers fossil specimens for researching the anatomical structure, form and function of early fauna. This gives very useful scientific value.

Tourist Service

Traffic Tips

Take bus from Kunming Bus Station to Chengjiang County, and transfer to minibus to different scenic spots.

Consultant Centre

Chengjiang County Tourism Bureau

Tel: 86877-6911280

 Chengjiang Biota Museum

At 08:30 am, our guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and transfer to Chengjiang Biota Museum. It takes approximately 1.5 hours on the road. Mostly you will enjoy a fast ride on high speed through beautiful countryside.

Upon arrival, you will enter the Chengjiang Biota Museum and have a little relaxation before having lunch at local restaurant. Then you will spend whole afternoon visiting the most significant Lower Cambrian fossil assemblages in the world.

Chengjiang Biota Museum, founded in 1984, is the most varieties assemblage of Early Cambrian marine fossils known. This diverse in the range of organisms shows clues to rapid evolution during the Cambrian Explosion and reveals the new information on life style in a complex ancient ecological system. The Chengjiang deposit, and a little younger Burgess Shale, both exhibit important guides to diversity and evolutionary rates during the early Phanerozoic diversification event known as the Cambrian explosion. As we try to understand the situation surrounding exceptional preservation generally, not just during the Cambrian, Chengjiang provides an important and different perspective on depositional conditions.

In the afternoon, you will be transferred back to your hotel in the city center.

Maotian Mountain

The whole buried zone of fossils in Maotian Mountain winds like snake up to 20 kilometers long, 4.5 meters wide and the depth is more than 50m. The designated protective area is 18 square kilometers, 1.2 square kilometers of which are the core area. Up to now, more than 30 fossil spots have been discovered, and 30 thousand pieces of fossils have been collected. Scientists draw the conclusion that these fossils belong to 40 categories and over 100 kinds, covering all the categories in modern biological classification.

Besides, some of them are once existed and become extinct now, which can only be named after the places where they are unearthed, such as Fuxian Lake Insect, Mount Maotian Insect, Yunnan Insect, Kuama Insect, and so on. Recently, a gratifying news reports the discovery of the world’s oldest vertebrate, namely Haikou Fish (hǎi kǒu yú 海口鱼), in Dianchi Lake (diān chí 滇池) near the boundary of Yuxi and Kunming. The structure and function are even more complex than the Yunnan Insect. This fossil has the largest numbers of categories, the best preserved condition, the most beautiful appearance, the finest quality in all animal fossils discovered in the world so far. So it is a rare and precious treasure in all animal fossils. Recent scientific research has proved that it is the earliest ancestor in the evolution chain, which evolves as fish-amphibian-reptile-mammal-human being.

Location: Chengjiang County

Ticket Price: CHN 20

Opening Time: 8:00-17:30

How to get there: Take air conditioning bus from Yuxi West Station to Chengjiang County seat. There is one bus every half hour. The ticket cost 16.5 yuan.

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