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Dali Restaurants

Dali Restaurants are plenty and diverse. Facing the numerous restaurants in Dali, many tourists to this city may face the problem – how to choose an ideal restaurant for dining in Dali. As a top destination in Southwestern China and a famous travel destination in China, local government has ensured that everything related to tourism has been done in order to offer the excellent tourism environment to tourists from all over the world. Under the supervision of local government, various restaurants have been opened in this city including plenty of western restaurants. If you want to find something to eat here, you can find the Chinese meal, western meal, Southeastern meal, Japanese meal and Korean meal. The diversity of meal provides tourists to Dali with more choices, but at the same time, it takes the problem mentioned at the beginning of this article. In order to help tourists who have faced how to choose restaurants in Dali during their Dali tour, this article have collected the best restaurants in Dali. Theses Dali restaurants are the local famous ones and recommended by local people and tourists who have dined in. This list can help you with the restaurant problem.


Best Restaurants in Dali

Cang Er Chun Restaurant

Address: No. 84 Remin Road, Dali


It is a time-honored restaurant in Dali. The chefs here are specialized in the local featured dishes. In this restaurant, you can taste the authentic Dali cuisine. The most famous dishes here are Dali Fish in Casserole, Roasted Er Kuai and Ru Shan. These three dishes are the representatives of Dali food and the most famous ones in this ancient city. Chefs cook them with the most traditional recipes, and all the materials used in the dishes are fresh and good in quality. Maybe the environment is not as excellent as some other restaurants in this city, but the taste of dish is the top one in this city. By the way, if you do not want your dishes cooked with too much oil, you can tell the chefs, they can make some changes for you but do not change the taste.


Zai Hui Shou Restaurant

Address: No.198 Renmin Road, Dali


This is a small restaurant in Dali offering the traditional local food. The most famous food here is the Rice Noodle with Cold Chicken. This dish is a traditional Dali food. Chefs of this restaurant still use the traditional recipe to finish this local food. At present, it is difficult to find a restaurant which has insisted on the tradition. Besides, the braised food here is also popular in Dali. Coming to Dali, this restaurant is a place for you to know the local food culture. Although this restaurant is small, the food is amazing.


La Dolce Vita

Address: DaZhiFang, West Gate Village, Dali Old Town, Dali


This is a restaurant offer Italian meals and international meals. It offers fine and contemporary dining. The environment is cozy, and the design features Italian style. The food offered here are also good in taste. If you are looking for a restaurant with affordable price and excellent environment, this restaurant is recommended to you. You can enjoy the delicious Italian and international dishes in this small but elegant restaurant.


Serendipity Diner

Address: No.53 Guangwu Road, Dali Old Town, Dali


It is a restaurant in Dali offering American meal. Many tourists have praised the food here. Steaks and burgers are the most recommended ones. Many tourists from United Stated have commented on the food as the authentic one. By the way, the price for dining here is reasonable.


The Bakery No. 88

Address: No.17 Renmin Road, Dali


This restaurant is the top one Dali restaurant offering bakery food and pastries among plenty of restaurants in Dali on the website of Tripadvisor. It gets the award of Certificate of Excellence 2014 from Tripadvisor. The bakery food and pastries are popular with tourists and local people. It is said the western snacks offered in this restaurants is the most authentic one among all restaurants in this city. Maybe it is a little exaggerated, but dining here, your meal time will be happy and enjoyable especially you want to find some bakery food and pastries in a China city.


Other restaurants also recommended in Dali: Goodfellas (No.20 Renmin Road, Dali), Elephant Coffee (Ye Yu Road 55 South, Dali), SiJia ChuFang (Yu Er Road 12, Dali) and Mulan Restaurant (No.150 Yeyu Road, Ancient Town, Dali)


All the Dali restaurants talked and mentioned above are the top ones recommended by tourists to this city and local people. If you are looking for restaurants in Dali, these restaurants may be the ones you need.

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