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Eryuan Overview

Geographical Location

Eryuan County is at the north of Dali City. The whole county covers an area about 2,875 square kilometers, Located in the Hengduan Mountains and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau border zone, which territory with many rivers and lakes, there are three rivers (Black Hui Jiang, Luoshi, Wing River), three Rivers (Mi Ju River, Mi Ci River, phoenix Feather River), five Lakes (Cibi Lake, Haixi Hai, West Lake, East Lake, Lvyu pool). 60% of the water in Erhai is flow from Eryuan, and Cibi Lake is said to be the mother lake of Erhai. In addition, it is an important part of national scenic area in Dali,and is inhabited by 23 different ethnic groups including Bai, Yi, Hui, Dai and Lisu, with the Bai ethnicity being the largest one. Endowed with rich natural resources, Eryuan County is praised as "the land of fish and rice", "the land of plums", "the land of cows", "the land of hot springs", "the land of orchids", "a water town on a plateau" and "the land of suona" (a Chinese musical instrument). Being fertile and beautiful, it is also well-known for its splendid culture and its humanistic landscape that is primitively simplistic, poetic and picturesque. It is 69 kilometers (3 hours' drive) away from Dali and 369 kilometers away from Kunming (4 hours and 45 minutes' drive).


Eryuan County is the travel hub to such famous scenic sites as Lijiang, Dali and Diqing. As a key component of the Dali Scenic Site, which is one of the National Scenic Areas, it has positional advantages and wide-ranging tourist resources.

There are many more attractions within the county, like beautiful peaks, secluded caves, immense forests, sweet springs, hot springs and plum gardens,more than 200 tourist attractions within the county, which can divided into four scenic areas: Xihu Lake, Cibihu Lake, Haixihai Lake and Niaodiaoshan Mountain

There is also a charming West Lake Scenic Area in Eryuan, consisting of West Lake, Jiangwei, Luoping Hill and Luosi Jiang tour line, with a total area of about 80 square kilometers. West Lake is about four square kilometers, with an average depth of 4-6 meters and the deepest of 12 meters, is one of important water sources of Erhai.

Eryuan county is also known for hot springs town, the county Yuhu town is known as the "hot city", where hot spring scattered across city and the hot water longitudinal flow along the street. When in winter and spring, there are hot gas-filled filled, as fairy palace, beautiful and fascinating.

Among numerous hot springs, the largest flow is Huang Gong Hot Spring, which is located in the front of Confucian Temple. Huang Gong Hot Spring has large volume of water, high temperature, which has been built swimming pool and high-grade double bathroom. The water all year round is warm, clear to see the bottom, people fetching water and bathing here seasons without a break.

Administrative Division

There are 6 Towns and  Townships under its jurisdiction:Cibihu Town(茈碧湖镇),Dengchuan Town(邓川镇),Qiaohou Town(乔后镇),Sanying Town(三营镇)YousuoTown(右所镇)FengyuTown(凤羽镇)NiujieTownship(牛街乡),Liantie Township(炼铁乡),XishanTownship(西山乡).


Ethnic Groups

It inhibited by 275,844 people and over 7 ethnic groups live in Eryuan County, including Bai(61%), Han(32%), Yi(3%), Hui(2%), Tibetan(1%), and Naxi(1%). The major festivals around Eryuan County include the Torch Festival, Corban Festival, Lesser Bairam,and Taizihui Holiday.


Eryuan   County

  Location of Eryuan County (pink) and Dali   Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China








 • Total

2,961 km2 (1,143 sq mi)


 • Total


 • Density

110/km2 (290/sq mi)

Postal code


Area code(s)



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