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Guangnan Shopping

Guangnan county local Products: Pseudo ginseng (Panax notoginseng), capsicum, bamboo shoot, Zhuang brocade, zingiber striolatum (a kind of unique vegetable popular in Xichou County) and Zhuangs five-color glutinous rice(壮家花糯米),Bacon Trotter gear (腊猪脚), Guangnan  Bamboo-tube tea(Guniang Tea )广南竹筒茶, Guangnan Baoba Rice (广南八宝米)are worth to buy.

Zhuangs five-color glutinous rice 壮家花糯米

Zhuangs take paddy rice as the staple food. They are good at making glutinous food, among which five-color glutinous rice, puffed rice candy, and Kaofang (big glutinous dumpling) are delicacies in festive occasions. The colorful rice is dyed with the extract of plants with different colors, and then cooked. The glutinous dumpling has many varieties, and is big in size. It usually weighs about 1kg each, in the shape of a pillow.

Bacon Trotter gear 腊猪脚

Trotter gear is a supplement of rich, sticky pork stock used to enrich basically anything. It is made by simmering gelatinous pork  trotters with aromatics, then straining the stock and adding the picked meat back into it. Once chilled, the trotter gear sets up like your aunt’s ring of jello. With copious gelatin and a delicious porkiness, a spoonful gives you viscosity and a cupful takes a thin stew and turns it into a luscious thick, sticky texture.

Guangnan  Bamboo-tube tea 广南竹筒茶

Guangna Bamboo-tube tea(竹筒茶) also called Guniang Tea(姑娘茶).The tea produce by Diyu (底圩)in Guangnan county.A handful of fresh tender tea leaves is placed in a tube of the xiang zhu (fragrant bamboo) species, and roasted over an open charcoal fire. When the leaves shrink, a wooden stick is poked into the tube to press them tight, and new leaves are put in. This is repeated until there is no room in the tube for more leaves. When the roasting is finished, the tube is split open, and the tea leaves are retrieved. The host then breaks off a piece of tea from the tea column, puts it in a bowl, instills in boil¬ing water from the brass kettle, brew it for a while and serve to the guests. The tea has a fresh aroma of bamboo.

Guangnan Baoba Rice 广南八宝米

Baoba Rice is famous for it’s producing area-Babao. It was  used the offering in Qing dynasty.It was listed as the recious rice species in 1981.



Nalang  Wine 那榔酒

Nalang Wine noted for the name of Nalang village and it has a long history. It has been as the good drink to treat friends and realatives. It is very popular in Guangnan county.


Nali fruit 奈李

Nali fruit in Gangnan is very popular



Ethnic silver 民族银器

is The  traditional manual process - oriented processing for all kinds of Ethnic silver is the main work for Guangnan ethnic national craft,The sliver pot produced in Majie ,Dragon and phoenix cup, bracelet, earring with lantern-shaped are to Hong Kong, Macao, Europe and Southeast Asia.


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