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Guangnan Overview

Geographical Position

Guangnan County (simplified Chinese: 广南县; traditional Chinese: 廣南縣; pinyin: Guǎngnán Xiàn) is located inWenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China. The seat of Guangnan, known today as Liancheng (莲城镇), was the heart of the Gouding Kingdom (句町) that lasted approximately 400 years, from 111 BC to 316 AD.

.Guangnan County locates on the southeast of Yunnan Province,in the north of Wenshan, bordering among Yunnan, Guangxi and Guiyang. Bordering on Funing County in the ease,adjacent to Xichou County, Malipo Counry in the south .Bordering to Qiubei County, Yanshan County, Yanshan County in the west. Adjucture of Guangxi Zhuang Nationality in the north, Xingyi county of Guizhou is on the other side.105km from the east to the west,103km from the north to the south. The terrain of Guangnan County tilts from the southwest to the northeast. North trends to the South, the mountain cutting each other. So that the landform comes into being mountains, mid-levels district, hills, flat area.


The average altitude is 1280 within the Guangnan county, the highest altitude is 2035 which is called Damaidi Mountain (),the lowest altitude is 420 which locates in the Anwo Village of Banbang Town .Mountainous area and the mid-mountainous area account for 94.7% of the total land area .There are 100 flatland with 1km,the area of flatland account for 5.3% of the total land area. Located at the border of Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangnan is a typical karst area. The Bamei Village is located on the common boundary of Ake Village and Bada Village in the north of the Guangnan County. It belongs to the Karst topography. The Village is surrounded by green mountains, and through the Village runs all the year round a clear river which is called Tuoniang River. The most interesting thing about the village is that people have to go through a deep and sombrous water cave by boat whenever they want go in and out.The main science spot are: Fengyan Cave( 峰岩洞) Babao Science spots(八宝风景区),Nongshi Tusi's Government Office ( 侬氏土司衙署)Yan Pagoda( 雁塔),Bamei village (坝美).



Administrative Division

Guangnan county has 7 Townships,11 villages : (Liancheng Township)莲城、Bamei village(坝美)、Babao Township(八宝)、Nanping Township(南屏)、Zhujie Township(珠街)、Nasa Township(那洒)、Zhulin Township(珠琳) Heizhiguo village (黑支果)、Shuguang village(曙光)、Lijiao(篆角)、Wuzhu village(五珠)、Zhetu village (者兔)、Zhetai village(者太)、Diyu village (底圩)、Jiumo village(旧莫)Dongbao village(董堡)、Yangliujing village(杨柳井)、Banpan(板蚌).





Ethnic groups

The following information in this section is from the Guangnan County Almanac (广南县志) (2001).

 ·          Han 

 ·          Zhuang 

 ·          Miao

·         White Miao 白苗 (or Menglou 蒙娄)

·         Sinicized Miao 汉苗 aka Lopsided Miao 偏苗 (or Mengsha 蒙纱)

·         "Meng Zhua" (蒙爪)

·         Yao

·         Landian [Blue Indigo] Yao 蓝靛瑶 (or Jinmen 金门)

·         Daban [Large Board] Yao 大板瑶 (or Yu Mian 育棉)

·         Yi: split into two official divisions of Pu 仆 and Luo 倮. Autonyms are: Nisupo 尼苏颇、Guo 果、Poluo 颇罗 (exonym: Axi 阿细)、Nishebei 尼舍杯、Nashepu 哪舍噗、Bugeng 布更、Gasou 嘎叟、Guwo 估涡、Mengpei 孟培、Mengpu 孟噗、Mengguobei 孟果杯、Lairen 徕人 (exonym: Laizi 徕子)

·         Pu 仆: Flowery Pula 花仆拉 (also called Pula 濮喇)、White Pula 白仆拉、Black Pula 黑仆拉

·         Luo 倮: Flowery Luo 花倮、Black Luo 黑倮、Chinese Luo 汉倮、Sandaohong 三道红、Lairen 徕人

·         Gelao

·         Hui

·         Mongol

Ethnic Zhuang and Han make up about 80% of the county's population, with each group making up about 40%.


There were 81,223 ethnic Miao individuals comprising 16,086 households as of 1995.

·         White Miao 白苗: most of the county, including Nalun 那伦乡 and Diyu 底于乡

·         Sinicized Miao 汉苗: Heizhiguo 黑支果乡、Nanping 南屏镇、Babao 八宝镇

·         "Meng Zhua" (蒙爪): Yanshang of Heizhiguo 黑支果乡岩上、Dongguaping of Nanping 南屏镇冬瓜坪、Sala of Yangliujing 杨柳井洒


There were 14,707 ethnic Yao individuals comprising 2,673 households as of 1995.

·         Diyu Township (1,831 individuals, 323 households)

·         Babao Township (1,612 individuals, 281 households)

·         Zhetai Township (1,176 individuals, 175 households)

·         Jiumo Township (1,157 individuals, 226 households)

·         Yangliujing Township (1,092 individuals, 216 households)

·         Nasa Township (992 individuals, 188 households)

·         Heizhiguo Township (963 individuals, 165 households)


There were 35,879 ethnic Yi individuals comprising 7,001 households as of 1995, making up 5.21% of the county's total population.

·         Nisupo 尼苏颇: Longyang 龙秧, Zhetai 者太乡[4]

·         Guo 果: Weinaji 未那基, Zhetai 者太乡[5]

·         Guopo 果颇: Lao'an 老安, Zhetu 者兔乡[6]

·         Poguo 颇果 (or Pula 仆拉): Anwang 安王, Nanping 南屏镇[7]

·         Gasou 嘎叟: Anwang 安王, Nanping 南屏镇[7]

·         Guwo 估涡: Mumei 木媄, Babao 八宝镇[8]

·         Mengpei 孟培 (or Lairen 徕人): Wabiao 瓦标, Babao 八宝镇;[9] Yilang 夷郎, Heizhiguo 黑支果乡[10]

·         Meng 孟: Lisa 里洒, Babao 八宝镇[11]

·         Mengpu 孟噗: Dagulu 大咕噜, Heizhiguo 黑支果乡[12]

·         Bugeng 布更: Walong 挖聋, Nasa 那洒镇;[13][14] Amiao 阿渺, Zhuanjiao 篆角乡[15]

·         Nashepu 那舍噗: Changchong 长冲, Zhujie 珠街镇[16]

·         Kashepu 卡舍噗: Tuanqing 团箐, Shuguang 曙光镇[17]

·         Axi 阿细: Zhongzhai 中寨, Zhulin 珠琳镇[18]


There are 157 ethnic Gelao.

·         Baishiyan 白石岩, Laozhai 老寨村, Babao Township 八宝镇[19] (56 people)

·         Xijide 西基得村, Zhulin Township 珠琳镇[20] (50 people)

·         Muyang 木秧, Shujie 鼠街村, Heizhiguo Township 黑支果乡[21] (29 people)


There were 1,306 ethnic Hui individuals comprising 314 households as of 1995. Most lived in Zhulin Township, which had 964 ethnic Hui individuals comprising 212 households. Liancheng Township, the county seat, had 161 ethnic Hui individuals comprising 51 households.


There are 497 ethnic Mongols.

·         Heizhiguo 黑支果村, Heizhiguo Township 黑支果乡 (132 people, 23 households)

·         Longtan 龙滩村, Heizhiguo Township 黑支果乡 (126 people, 25 households)[22]

·         Shujie 鼠街村, Heizhiguo Township 黑支果乡 (24 people, 5 households)[23]

·         Liancheng Township (75 people)

·         Zhuanjiao Township (65 people)

·         Shuguang Township (52 people)






Guangnan   County


Location of Guangnan County (pink) within Wenshan Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan
  Location of Guangnan County (pink) withinWenshan Prefecture (yellow) and Yunnan

Guangnan County is located in Yunnan

Guangnan County

Guangnan   County

Location   of the seat in Yunnan

Coordinates: 24°03′N 105°04′ECoordinates: 24°03′N 105°04′E


People's   Republic of China






 • Total

7,983 km2 (3,082 sq mi)


 • Total


 • Density

93/km2 (240/sq mi)

Postal code


Area code(s)




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