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Jingdong Entertainment

There are so many entertainment activities in Jingdong Yi Autonomous County. As for nightlife activities, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County does not differ a lot from other cities in China. Bars, KTV and other clubs can easily be found around the city. In Jingdong Yi Autonomous County, you could also have the chance to experience the lively atmosphere. When the night falls, you can choose some pubs or bars to kill your time, listening to some original singers singing their original songs.Coming to Jingdong Yi Autonomous County, visitors can enjoy their time happily here.

Clubs & Bars & KTVs

Striving Music Bar(奋斗音乐酒吧)

Address: No.83 of TianhuaRoad, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县天华路83号)

On the Way Music Bar(在路上音乐酒吧)

Address: No.66 of TianhuaRoad, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县天华路66号)

Four Seasons’ Bar(春夏秋冬)

Address: No.46 of Lingyun Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县凌云路46)

Tanghui KTV(堂会KTV)

Address: In the Intersection of Delong Road and Lingyun Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县德龙路与凌云路交叉口)

Tel: 13759002323

Xingyi KTV(兴义KTV)

Address: No.46 of Lingyun Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县凌云路46)

Tel: 13508799721

Coffee & Tea & Ice Cream

One Sky Coffee House(一片天咖啡屋)

Address: No.31 of Ruiping Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县瑞屏路31)

 Tianyu House(甜雨小屋)

Address: Lingyun Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县凌云路)

Dihao Leisure House(帝豪休闲屋)

Address: Tianhua Road, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县天华路)

Xiaocao Tea House(小草茶室)

Address: No.26 of Manwan Road, Manwan Town, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县漫湾镇漫湾路26号)

Wutuobang Ice Cream(乌托邦冷饮店)

Address: Agricultural Market, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County(景东彝族自治县农贸市场)

The Torch Festival of Yi People

The Torch Festival or Fire Festival (Chinese: 火把节; pinyin: Huǒbǎ Jié) is one of the main holidays of the Yi people of southwest China, and is also celebrated by other ethnic groups of the region. It is celebrated on the 24th or 25th day of the sixth month of the Yi calendar, corresponding to August in the Gregorian calendar. It commemorates the legendary wrestler Atilaba, who drove away a plague of locusts using torches made from pine trees. Since 1993, the government of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan has sponsored a modernised celebration of the festival, featuring wrestling, horse racing, dance shows, and a beauty contest. Different groups set the festival at different time

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