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Niru History

Niru is located in the northeast of Yunnan Shangri-La County, 75 kilometers from the county. 2705 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains Niru, the annual average temperature 20 ℃, rainfall 5800 mm, the rainy season in June to October and more. Niru surrounded by green lush, virgin forest clouds. Due to lower altitude, lush plant growth. Growing patches of birch, fall a golden brown. Mountains, spruce, fir tall Jingzhuang, directed at the sky, dark green dense canopy can shelter. Forest habitat for deer, bear, Cangma chickens, monkeys and other exotic animals lynx.

James Hilton's novel "Lost Horizon" depicted a timeless and serene La Pure Land is the only virgin, Niru has beautiful original landscape, there are South Po pastures, pasture land Kyrgyzstan, under the swap Court pastures, Colorful Waterfall, Dingru lake, intense color lake, glacier peaks, caves rivers, geological diversity. A lot of people have not heard of a place long lived in Niru Tibetans who live sunrise, sunset, leisurely half-life of farming and animal husbandry. Niru recognized by La Fam alive inside, has been called the Fam Fam is a "people willing Zuisi there" place. Young people travel, adventure, hiking the Holy Land.

Three Rivers is an evolution of the earth's history textbooks, the Indian plate and Eurasian plate collision, constitutes a force play at 150 kilometers Kazan, Dulong, Gaoligongshan, Nujiang, Lancang, Yunling, the Jinsha River and other great mountains and rivers parallel Hengduan Mountains

Main veins, in addition, where there are spectacular mountain glaciers, steep canyon rapids, open alpine meadows, crystal of pure mountain lakes, beautiful Danxia peak cluster and karst tableland. In addition to the desert and the ocean, "Three Parallel Rivers" area brought together almost all kinds of natural landscape northern hemisphere.

"Three Rivers" is a geological one of the richest areas of biodiversity. Evolution from the earth ophiolite, pillow lava, Paleozoic fossils to the fourth century geological formations within the orogenic metamorphism recorded glacier peaks, caves rivers, karst landscape, etc. Almost all have, is the expedition, research, exploration of the Holy Land. Is the Earth's most intuitive thermometer and China Rare and Endangered Species refuge. China accounted for only 0.4% of the area where 20% of the higher plant capacity. Total number of animals are up more than 25% of total Chinese. This is in China and the northern hemisphere and the world is unique. Enter Niru boundaries that once saw the blue sky seems to be thrown into the hands of the clouds, you can not imagine what kind of scenery in front of waiting for you, frost Euphorbia red dye into a one, which is familiar to But the Tibetan landscape, it is the photographer shoot the subject of abuse. Yellow or red disseminated storied mirror reflection in the lake, and you will not tell which side is up and down really. A waist-high pink daisy will get you a pollen, nasal allergies, sneezing all the way to the sky and hit unlimited fun.

In a piece meadow, yellow dry hastily nest nests sporadically in full bloom with some blue-purple flowers, they are eight Yunnan flowers in one - alpine gentian. Lay into that grass, in the grass height, and looking purple blue flowers are swaying a vague dream. From an altitude of 2,500 meters to 3,800 meters of road twists and turns, you will experience alternating from warm to cold. Walking in the clouds of fir forests, larch, oak woods, thick lichen and moss-covered forest, will often be anxious stream segmentation, meadow Huaquan calmly flowing from the mountains. Niru village is Zhongdian famous ranch, where the vast grasslands, lush plants, the annual spring and summer, flocks of sheep cruising in the alpine lake, carrying mountains, facing the green water, herd little dark, Moody ears, people feel deeply Plateau were busy place, carefree zest for life. Failing roads, traffic is extremely inconvenient, is not known to outsiders for many years, long lived in Niru Tibetans who live sunrise and sunset leisurely life. When you are fortunate enough to drink wine brewed Tibetan, then your life will be in nostalgia, paradise-like Niru is also known as the last Shangri-La Fam. A country with nearly a thousand square kilometers of virgin forest, anxious stream rapids, where the fountain meadow China, there are some deep in the jungle, in harmony with the virgin forests of the Tibetan village.

Niru ejected by the giant river caves formed Hua Quan fan terraces dissolved form 180 about 30 meters high, 330 meters long waterfall side of the face of the rock surface, springs cascading down from the upper terraces, forming drops waterfall, waterfall lines, horses waterfall, in the sunshine, rainbow around the waterfall, its magnificent landscape stone is very strange, local Tibetans called this waterfall waterfall of God. In the colorful waterfall, saw the original ecology of the tundra Dropping water flow, really makes you think to Wonderland, gurgling streams, the stream is taking the glowing white foam inner impetuous, and the rest is that you in nature All pleasure and in which all blessings.

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