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Niru Travel Tips

Sightseeing in Niru Village

1. Niru village

Niru village is one of the well-known pastures in Shangri-La, with vast grasslands and lush water plants. The place has been neglected by people for a long time because there is no road connecting the outside world. Tibetans here live a simple but happy life all year around. Hence, Niru is regarded as the last fairyland in Shangri-La.

2. Qicai waterfall

Qicai waterfall, with a height of 30 meters and a length of 330 meters, blossoms out in the sun. The sceneries here are no less beautiful than that of Jiuzhaigou Valley scenic spot in Sichuan Province. It is also viewed as a holy waterfall by local Tibetan.

3.Nanbao pasture

With an elevation of about 4000 meters, Nanbao is the largest pasture in Shangri-La. It is a good place for hiking. Generally, it will cost one about two days to hike there. Forests, glaciers, alpine lakes along the way are all believed to be highlights on your trip.


1. One need to rent a car to get there. As dirt roads connecting Niru are more dangerous than others, you'd better to find a local driver who is familiar with roads. The charge of a car is about 500 to 600 yuan during holiday such as the May Day. It takes one about 5 to 6 hours.

2. Accommodation: local tourism management center, 25 yuan per day.

3. Suggestions for hiking:

a.If you choose to hike to some remote sites, you should bring a sleeping bag, or ride a horse.

b. Shoes, water-proof clothes, or raincoat are necessary.

c. Foods such as chocolate, bread and chewing gum need to be prepared before starting trip.

d. It is impossible for one to have bath during trip.

e. Tourists who want to hike must have related experiences. Those who has medical history are not allowed to participate in.


of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Shangri-La County in the northeast, 75 kilometers from the county seat

Here is very distinctive, and the scenery are relatively concentrated, a lake, a grassland. The scenery is also good, the inside of the people are very friendly...

James · portrayed Hilton novel "Lost Horizon" in a piece of pure land is eternal and quiet Shangri-La only virgin land, Niru has beautiful landscape in the original, South Bao ranch, ranch, ranch Diji down court, colorful waterfall, Ding Ruhu, lake, glacier Xuefeng color strong, cave River, geological diversity. Many people haven't heard a place said, long live in Niru Tibetans live Richuerzuo, sunset and interest, half farming half grazing leisurely life. Niru world recognized Shangri-La fam, called in fam fam, is a “ people are willing to die in the place where the &rdquo. Are the young people travel, adventure, foot of the Holy land.

Post Code : 674400

Proposal trekking tour itinerary around Niru Village:

Day 1: Zhongdian-Niru village

Drive for 5 hours from Zhongdian to Niru village (2700m). On the way, you will pass Lisu and Tibetan minority villages, Guangmen Mountain, the Ying River Waterfall and the nature cave. Overnight in a small guesthouse in Niru.

Day 2: Niru-Nanbao Yak Meadow-Three Lakes- Nanbao Yak Meadow. 

Hike for 4 hours to Nanbao Yak Meadow (3500m), very close to the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Stop for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, hike for a further 3 hours to visit the beautiful panorama of the “Three Lakes”: Ding Hu, Nabocuona Hu, and Selai Hu Overnight in tents on Nanbao Yak Meadow.

Day 3: Nanbao Yak Meadow-Niru Village.

Hike for approx 3 hours from Nanbao Yak Meadow back down to Niru Village. In the afternoon visit Niru elementary school and have a good rest ready for tomorrow’s long day of hiking. Overnight at a small guesthouse in Niru.

Day 4: Niru- Seven Coloured Waterfall- Bengalaka Mountain Pass- Dijie Yak Meadow 

Today is a very long, tough day of hiking. You will hike around 12 km from Niru village (2700 m) to the yak pastures near Shudu Lake (3600 m). First, brave the steep 4 hour climb to the “7 coloured waterfalls” (3150 m) where you will stop for a picnic lunch. Then continue climbing through virgin forests across the Bengalaka Mountain Pass (3980 m), where you will overlook Dalagong Mountain. Arrive in the Dijie Yak Meadow in the late afternoon and set up camp for overnight.

Day 5: Shudu Lake-Tiansheng Hot Springs-Zhongdian.

A short one hour hike will take you to Shudu Lake where you will be met by a driver. Visit the Tiansheng Bridge Hot Springs to soak your tired muscles. Return to Zhongdian. Have a final celebratory meal and join in with local Tibetans in the Old town square for some spirited dancing. Overnight in Zhongdian.

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