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Tiger Leaping Gorge Food

All of the guesthouses provide local food and simple western food because it has been a long history of Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking for international tourists.These tourists taught local people how to cook western food with local food.So it is very convenient to enjoy very nice food along the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Cold drinks

Large water

Coconut juice

Tamarind Juice

Orange water

Cold tea bottle

Orange Juice (Fresh)

APPLE Juice (Fresh)

Tomato Juice (Fresh)

Sprite, Coke

Light coke

Tonic Water

Soda Water

Dali Beer(12p)

Dali Beer(10.5p)

Tsing Tao Beer

Vitamin water

Banana shake

Red Bull  (Vitamin Drink)

Hot drinks

Green Tea

Mint Tea

Snow Tea

Jasmine Tea

Black Tea

Black Tea +Milk (Pure milk)

Black Tea +Honey

Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea +Honey

Ginger Tea +Coke

Lemon Tea

Hot lemon

Cinnamon Tea

Tibetan Butter Tea

Sean's special tea

Hot Milk  (Pure milk)

Hot Honey water

Happy tea



Black Nescafe

Nescafe + Milk  (Puremilk)

strong Black Nescafe

+ Milk  (Pure milk)

Black Nescafe + Brandy

Black Nescafe +Whiskey

Yunnan Coffee

Espresso Coffee Black

Espresso Coffee +Milk (Pure milk)

Cappuccino Coffee (Pure milk)

Yunnan Coffee +Brandy

Hot Chocolate (Pure milk)

Mocha Coffee (Pure milk)

Mocha Coffee +Brandy

Mocha Coffee +Whiskey


Muesli +Yogurt

Muesli Yoghurt +Fruit







Rice  Porridge

Corn  Porridge


Boild eggs(2)

Poached eggs(2)

Fried eggs(2)


OMLETE (3 eggs)

Ham Omlete

Cheese Omlete

Tomato Onion Omlete

Herb Omlete

Cheese Tomato Onion Omle

Sakshuka Omlete

 X-tra put 4Y each


Bread+ Honey or Jam or Butter

Bread + Eggs

Bread + Banana

Bread + apple

Bread + Garlic

Bread + Peanut Butter

Bread with mozzarella

Bread with vegemite

Happy Bread

X-tra put 4Y each


Eggs sandwiches

Cheese sandwiches

Tomato +  Eggs sandwiches

Cheese + Tomato sandwiches

Ham + Tomato sandwiches

Beef + Tomato sandwiches

Chicken + Tomato sandwiches

CheeseTomato+Eggs sandwiches

Apple sandwiches

Banana sandwiches


Vegetable soup

Vegetable Noodle soup

Vegetable Eggs + Noodle soup

Potato Tomato soup

Potato + Tomato + Egg soup

Pumpkin soup

Tomato + Egg soup

Hot and sour soup

Corn soup

Corn + Eggs soup

Mushroom soup

Combination soup

Special Combination soup

Chicken + Vegetable soup

Chicken + Potato soup

Beef + Vegetable soup

Pork + Vegetable soup


Boiled potato

Mashed potato

Mashed potato & tomato

Fried potato

Fried Potato + Tomato

potato & pumpkin

French Fries

Hash Browns .w. eggs

Sean’s Special Fries

Potato Balls

Baked +Stuffed With Cheese, Butter+ Salt

Toast Potato & butter


Steamed vege

Steamed Vege+ Eggs

Steamed Vege+ Cheese

Steamed Vege+ Mushroom

Fried vegetable

Fried vege+ Eggs

Fried vege+ Cheese

Fried vege+ Mushroom

Fried  Pumpkin+ Veges

Fried Eggs+ Tomato

Fried Tomato+ onions

Fried Beans

Fried Corn

Fried  Eggplant

Fried Mushroom, tomato

Fried Mixed Vegs+ eggs

Mixed Vegs Cheese eggs

Mixed Vege mushroom, cheese

Corn on cob with butter

Boilde Corn with butter

Vegetable Pie

Spring rollsVege salad


Plain Rice

Fried Rice+ vege

Rice+ Eggs+ vege Rice+ Cheese+ vege

Rice+ Mushroom+ vege

Fried rice with every thing


ried Noodles + Eggs

Fried Noodles

Fried Noodles + Cheese

Fried Noodles + Eggs Cheese

Noodle w. everything



Beef pie

Beef steak

Fried Beef

Fried Rice+ Beef

Curry Beef


Quick fry Chicken

Chicken Steake

Chicken Pie

Fried Rice vege chicken

Fried chicken + vegetable

Curry Chicken


Pork pie

Pork steak

Fried Pork + Vege

Fried Pork + Vege+ Rice

Curry pork

fried Ham 


Cheese+Veg Burrito

Cheese Eggs Burrito

Egg + Veg Burrito

Ham + Veg Burrito

Beef + Veg Burrito

Chicken + Veg Burrito

Chicken + Veg + Cheese Burrito



Vege Pizza

Pizza + Eggs

Pizza +Ham

Chicken Pizza

Beef Pizza


Cheese +Veg Dumpling

Meat +Veg Dumpling

Fried Cheese

Yak cheese

Salty Pancakes 

         Tibetan Pancakes

Pumpking Pancakes

Pancakes .w. meat

Pancakes .w. vege

Pancakes .w. Vege meat

Pancakes .w. Mushroom

Pancakes .w. cheese

Pancakes .w. herbles

Happy Pancakes

Add any thing with Happy

Sweet pancakes

Pancakes .w. honey

Buck wheat Pancakes

Lemon Pancakes

Pancakes .w. apple

Pancakes .w. Banana

Pancakes .w. walnut

Pancakes .w. chocolate sauce


Banana pie

Walnut pie

Apple pie

Chocolate Cake


Fried apple

Fried Banana

Plus chocolate sauce

Fruit salad + Honey

Fruit salad + Yoghurt

Apple fresh

Banana fresh

Tomato fresh

Fresh  Lemon

Rice Budding

Walnut .w. honey

Wine          Bottle


Yin White

Ginsens Whiskey

Plum Whiskey


Great Wall Dry Red

Great Wall Dry White

Dynasty Dry Red

Tibetan dryRed

Moutai Dry Red

YunNan dry Red

London dry Gin+ 4 Tonic

Gin Tonic

Absolut Vodka  750ml + 4 sprite

Vodka + Sprite

Vodka + Orange juice

Remy Martin v.s.o.p

Hennessy v.s .o.p

Black label

Chivas Regal Whisky

Jack Daniel’s 

Borde aux rouge


Helpful stuff for Sale:

Head torch: L.E.D BULB battery, life.

100hours Ideal: For walking and

Reading.Very small pocket Size           

Camera special Battery                         



Kit Kats                                                 

Dove Bar                                               

Chewing Gum                                          

Tiger Leaping Gorge Ti-shirt                

Roll Film: k200                                     


Toilet paper (roll)                                   

If you Are our Friend, you can have OR get Real Good Stuff for smoke or eat in our place, But if you have to pay it  !!

If you don’t or with out ask, we do not Give You, so you don’t have to worry

If you don’t Like  it !!!

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