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Weixi Food

Weixi Flowers Honey

Vesey flowers honey has a long history, as early as 1500 years ago, our ancestors moved Lisu County after the local wild wasps (Orient Bee) forged a bond, people in production and life gradually learned to gather wild honey Over the domesticated bees for production and consumption. Vesey flowers honey bees by the East Himalayan alpine deep forest subspecies collected more nectar, secretions and honeydew nectar plants, mixed with their own secretions after sufficiently mature brewed honey. Amber or dark amber color, when the room temperature was a viscous fluid-like, with typical natural floral flavor, strong taste pregnancy soft, fragrant aftertaste is long, belong honey treasures.

According to the tests and analysis, Weixi flowers honey-amylase activity is high and containing amino acids, folic acid, trace elements and other nutrients beneficial to human body up to 17 different kinds, with intestines, lung, detoxification, beauty, enhance the human immune system Features. By comparison test, Weixi flowers honey, fructose and glucose average content of 64g / 100g or more. In addition, its ash content, hydroxymethyl 1, lead, zinc and other harmful substances is far below national standards, is a natural and healthy green food.

Pumi Minority's Pork Head

Pumi masses eat ZhuTouRou, do good ZhuTouRou. They cut the pig, scraped clean, roasted yellow, then slowly stewed in the pot, and that pleasing colors and tangy flavor, mouth-watering.

However, this delicious ZhuTouRou in Pumi people's eyes there is another sense, they take it as a unity, harmony, symbol of thriving, this concept comes from an ancient legend.

According to legend, a long time ago, people living in the stockade Pumi epidemic, family fights, people have to sell their children, to flee their homes full of disasters, to flee into exile. Who left to live a lack of food and clothes, people bewildered miserable life.

This is the twelfth lunar month 29-year old hunter Ada bamboo buttons in oatmeal ground to catch a big wild boar. He prey back home, with boiling water receded pig, grilled on charcoal chestnut yellow. Think about other people are still hungry, the elderly Ada put into the soil pot stewed pig's head, and give the neighbors, so we had a Reunion. Strange to say, after this, get rid of the disease was the cottage, the family together again, the days are every day better.

Since then, the Pumi in there a habit, when New Year's Eve, every household regarded ZhuTouRou cut into pieces, a respect for elders, a journey not yet left the family home, a piece has been married to the daughter. If you had a big New Year's Eve at home hanging ZhuTouRou, yet it shows family reunion. If ZhuTouRou not, then the family had a family reunion to celebrate the New Year.

Biseul Meat

Biseul meat is a method of using the traditional Tibetan bacon meat production. In celebration thirty Diqing Tibetan people, the sumptuous dinner on the table there is a flesh-colored shiny red, thick fragrant fresh meat bacon. If that day happens to have guests visit, the tables may not only be a piece of meat, but a head full pickled pig, from above the first knife cut the meat will be placed in front of the guests, please come afar Jiabin first taste. Nu people who made this dish is meat lute.

Diqing Tibetan people to say, pipa meat marinated teaching method is immortal, but the specific circumstances vary throughout the country. Some local people said a beautiful good fairy came to earth, she is very fond of good honest Diqing Tibetan people, and they teach people to arable land after livestock, the marinated meat in one hand and unique skills also passed everyone. The people of the other places that used to have an old hunter, experienced a good hand and shoot arrows, so just up the hill, you will not be empty-handed. He felt his good luck to all the gods, so the total can not forget the sacrifice of god, god of hunting. Old hunter often encounter such a problem, many prey once hit, eat, put a few days and it broke. One night, he got in his sleep fairy pointing, preserved by law woke up, it can be stored for a long time made the pipa meat.

Legends return to legend, creating Pa lute meat marinated method should also be smart Diqing Tibetan people themselves. The specific method is: the swine slaughtered after shaving the hair wash, cut eviscerated, he picked off the bones. Then sprinkle with seasoning surface pepper, pepper, strawberry, salt and other modulation, but also cast shochu. With a thread to sew edge. Each stuffed pig ears of a walnut, pig nose also inserted a thickness of each just to plug the nostrils of small wooden strict. After several days, remove the stick, filling some of the salt into it, and then plug Yan sticks. While the needle suture coated with some walnut oil. After so repeated several times, you can put on the fireplace smoked bamboo fence or hanging in the room first, until Serve a lute with a complete meat after dry. Under normal circumstances, the first year of the pipa meat prepared axillary going to eat the night before New Year's Eve. Due to the complex method of curing, long storage time, so its taste is very delicious.

Dried Meat

Dried meat is often done at the end of December each year, when temperatures are below freezing. Usually beef, mutton cut into strips, and some salt and some wild cast of condiments, hanging in the air, cool the landlord, allowed to dry ice, both to the water, while maintaining flavor. The second in the spring can be eaten, taste crisp and delicious.

Plain Soup Fish

Yunnan love "soup", because of different geographical environment humanities folk, soup or even eat a variety of strange mystery. Dianwei among the best to eat fish soup is "fish broth."

Fish soup known as "living water fish," known as "ritual turtles", to better use boiled fresh local fish. City restaurant cooking "soup" in size master, hardly know a "local water fresh local knowledge", but the "soup" boiled away "fish flavor", it is generally in the cooking "fish broth", " fish soup "and" MSG soup. " Of course, this also can not blame the size of the standard deviation and kung fu master who "diet school" teaching quality is not high. Saying "one soil moist side scenery", the size of the master who can not put all kinds of "land and water" move to the big city restaurant when the "seasoning" to use. In addition, today's farmed fish taste of natural as natural wild fish, carp, grass carp, chain, tilapia and other fast-growing use of artificial feed fish meat soaked soil fishy taste.

Yunnan Dianwei "fish broth", the highest grade grade most respect is the Dianchi Lake gold fish "soup", who is the provincial and municipal leaders to entertain foreign dignitaries or central ministries - a bowl of beauty dish. What then is the mandarin fish, snakehead, catfish, carp, grass carp, crucian carp and the like "fish broth." Eat "gold soup" hidden little "Yunnan knowledge", otherwise not eat authentic original Dianwei "fish broth", of course, also pay attention to opportunities. For example, the early years of Yunnan people eat carp shell "fish soup", really the fish poured cold warm pot "alive" to the soup, broth boil open play abandoned fishy foam, put some lard, salt, ginger, onion and cook for a few minutes, Yunnan Dianwei authentic old-school "fish soup" on the familiar.

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