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Xizhou Shopping

Shopping in Xizhou is a must-do thing for tourists to this city.China's southern Yunnan province is well-known as a tourist destination for its subtropical landscapes and the mysterious legends of the local Bai nationality. Among the many handicrafts that the Bai people inherited from their forefathers, tie-dye fabrics, or coloring cloths, have been turned into one of the most profitable businesses.

xizhou Tie-Dyed Cloth

Tie-Dyed Cloth

The area around Xizhou has many tie-dyeworkshops. Especially the village of Zhouchengcun eight kilometres north of Xizhou is famous for its tie-dye workshops. Not only can one buy various tie-dye products but one can have a go at it yourself as well or follow courses in the tie-dye technique. Zhouchengcun is the location of the "Butterfly Spring" which attracts many, especially elderly Chinese tourists.

The Tuo Tea in Xiaguan

The Tuo Tea in Xiaguan

It is one of the famous brand products which are produced by the tea factory of Xiaguan in Dali City, the original name is Tuan Tea, it was produced by Fuchunheng Shanghao of Xiaguan in 1902, mainly sell in Xufu of Sichuan which is Yibin now etc. places, make tea with the water of Tuojiang River in Sichuan, the flavor was very good, so it was renamed Tuo Tea. Tuo Tea in Xiaguan is choosed the famous tea as material, which were produced in more than 30 countries such as Linchang, Baoshan, Simao etc. its beginning system craft crumple to make through artificial, the machine compress tightly several work prefaces, the form likes a bowl, the shape is beautiful, the color is black and smooth to show the pure strong fragrance of mille-, aroma. The color of soup is orange and clear, the taste is great back sweet. Often drinking has the health care functions which are to pure heart, clear eyes, perk up sprit, keep skin, suppress the bacteria and treat an illness. Abroad, it is called the losing weight tea, the beauty tea or the longevity tea. In China, Tuo Tea of Xiaguan, the white medicine of Yunnan and the Yun cigarette are praised to be three treasures of Yunnan. Tuo Tea of Xiaguan has gotten the honor of excellent product of province-class for 3 times, the national quantity silver quality prize and food gold prize of world, is given to title of the famous brand of Chinese tea.



It is the traditional and special handicraft article of Bai Nationality flocks in Dali. The Jingui Village of Xizhou in Dali has the long history of making felt, it has already become a special handicraft industry; The wool craftsman of making felt use the all-wool as the raw material to make into the clear water felt, then make into various of colorful felt by dye or the colorful painting. The familiar assortment species contain wrapping felt, the cover mat felt, tent felt, red felt, colorful felt, table felt, chair felt ...etc. They are very welcome by people and popular inside and outside the province.

xizhou-shoppingBai Ethnic Embroidered Apron Ribbon

The embroidered streamer is part of traditional apron of the Bai ethnic ladies living in Dali area of Yunnan. An apron is normally designed with two spear-like bands of this kind for Bai ladies to wear.

The length, color and material of the ribbon are different depending on the age of the wearer. For the elderly: black, blue; sometimes silk; long and wide. For the young: white, blue; normal cloth; short and narrow. Bands for both the young and the elderly are delicately embroidered with white and sometimes red threads.

Butterfly patterns are traditionally designed on these ribbons. And for the young, the patterns vary a lot from plants to birds.

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