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Zhenyuan(Puer) Overview

Geographical Location

Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County is under the jurisdiction of Pu’er Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The county is located in southwest Yunnan Province, located between Ailaoshan and Wuliangshan. Zhenyuan County is 447 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming city.


Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County (镇沅彝族哈尼族拉祜族自治县) is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Zhenyuan is famous for the ancient tea tree in Qianjiazhai. Qianjiazhai is in the north of Zhenyuan County, where the altitude ranges from 2,000 to 3,137 meters above the sea level. It includes Qianjiazhai Village, Wanhe River, Zhedong and Enle-Shuitang travel route, covering 44 sq km. Major tourist sights feature primeval forests, ancient tea trees, waterfalls, springs, exotic plants (such as rhododendron), and ethnic customs. In the tea bushes, a striking view is a 18.5-meter-tall, 2.82-meter-round wild tea tree; it is believed to be 2,700 years old.

Administrative Division

Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County (镇沅彝族哈尼族拉祜族自治县) consists of 4 towns and 5 townships: Enle Town(恩乐镇),Anban Town (按板镇), Mengda Town (勐大镇), Zhedong Town(者东镇), Tianba Township(田坝乡), Gucheng Township(古城乡), Zhentai Township(振太乡), Jiujia Township (九甲乡), Heping Township (和平乡)

Ethnic Groups

The Zhenyuan County Almanac (1995:74-79) lists the following ethnic groups and locations. All population statistics, given in parentheses, are as of 1988.

Yi: Luoluo 倮倮 (30,065 people); Lawu 拉乌 (6,455 people): Zhedong 者东乡 Maidi 麦地、Madeng 马邓;Jiading 九甲乡 Santai 三台、Guoji 果吉、Jiujia 九甲; Xiangtang 香堂 (12,312); Mili 米利 (1,127 people): Liwei 里崴乡 Xinjie 新街村 Laomahe 老马河社、Pingdi 平地村 Hetaohe 核桃河社、Wenduo 文夺村 Longshucao 龙树槽社; Mengda 勐大乡 Wenlai 文来村、small parts of Zhentai 振太乡 Taitou 台头村; Menghua 蒙化 (345 people): Zhentai 振太、Liwei 里崴、Mengda 勐大、part of Enle 恩乐镇; Ache 阿车 (117 people): Heping 和平乡 Yakou 丫口村、Zhedong 者东乡 Zhangpen 樟盆村; Shansu 山苏 (150 people): Zhedong 者东乡 Zhangpen 樟盆村、Heping 和平乡 Yakou 丫口村; Guaigun 拐棍 (309 people): Tianba 田坝乡 Tianba 田坝、Santai/Sanhe 三台/三合、Lianhe 联合、Minqiang 民强; Luowu 罗武 (50 people): Heping 和平乡 Yakou 丫口村

Hani: Kaduo 卡多; Biyue 碧约; Budu 布都; Bukong 布孔; Baikuo 白阔 (also Biyue 碧约): Gucheng Village 古城村 Meiziqing 梅子箐、Naka 那卡; also some near county seat; Woni 窝尼: Sanzhangtian Township 三章田乡 Xinguang 新光、Banghai 帮海; Lahu (autonym: Guocuo 锅挫; exonyms: Kucong 苦聪、Guzong 古宗、Kagui 卡桂).

Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County in Pu’er Prefecture

Zhenyuan County
Autonomous county
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Characters镇沅彝族哈尼族拉祜族自治县
 • PinyinZhènyuán yízú hānízú lāhùzú Zìzhìxiàn
Location of Zhenyuan County (pink) and Pu'er Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Zhenyuan County (pink) and Pu'er Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China

Zhenyuan County is located in Yunnan

Zhenyuan County

Zhenyuan County

Location within Yunnan, China
Coordinates: 23°51′N 100°59′E
GB/T 2260 CODE530825
 • Total4,223 km2(1,631 sq mi)
Elevation1,741 m (5,712 ft)
 • Total201,526
 • Density48/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zoneChina Standard Time(UTC+8)
Postal code666500
Area code(s)0879
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