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  1. Nujiang Biluo Snow Mountain01

Biluo Snow Mountain is located at Lanping churchyard which I continuous 145KM. There are 15 snow mountains, which stand 4000 meter above sea level. The Laowo Mountain is the most beautiful a highest mountain than the others, which is 4500 meters above sea level. It is 3200 meters higher compared with the Lantsang. The original ecosystem has been preserved. The climate changes unconventionally in the mountain. The flowing waterfall is densely6 covered, edelweiss and lakes are gathered, and it is called the mountain with thousand waterfalls and thousand lakes.
In the end of the spring and beginnings of summer, the cloud and mist rise in the mountain, stand on the top of the mountain to see the sunrise and the sunset, it is very spectacular. The Yulong Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, Jinsichang Snow, Laojun Mountain, Xuebang Mountain in east, they are look a likes to some small islands in the sea when they are in mersed in the cloudy sea. Biluo Snow Mountain is an edeweiss gorge of thick forests area, which is famous all over the world. Their natural and human culture is more than enough. It is a place where few people go as of yet. All the best sights are in Laowo Mountain, which is the highest mountain in there. You cannot miss the experience when you are here.

Biluo Snow mountain ±ÌÂÞѩɽis one of the major mountain ranges in Hengduan Mountain ºá¶Ïɽ in Yunnan. It faces Lan Cang River À½²×½­on the east, and stops at Nujiang River Å­½­on the west. Both sides of the Biluo Snow Mountain are vallies 3,000 meters above sea level. Originated from Tanggula Mountain ÌƹÅÀ­É½ in Tibet, the mountain strentching southward to Yunnan. There are more 15 snow mountains over 4,000 meters above sea level here, the highest is the Lao Wo Mountain ÀÏÎÑɽ (4435.4 meters). Steep and vertical, the accumulated snow remains unchanged at the top of the mountains all over the years, even in the hottest summer, snowswept is a commonsense. Biluo Snow mountain is also called the “Mountain of thousands of Waterfalls and lakes”, indicating the rich in the beautiful landscapes. When winter comes, the silver-clad mountain is like a silver dragon intwine on the plateau, shining together with its neighbour Gaoli gongshan Mountain ¸ßÀ蹱ɽ. Trekking there would be an odyssey of life time.
Biluo Snow Mountain Trekking TourBluo Snow Mountain Trekking and Camping tour Map   
Biluo Snow Mountain Trekking Tour Map

A:Trekking tour from Biluo Snow Mountain to Cizhong Catholic Church and Meili Snow Mountain
Day1 Gongshan-Bingzhongluo- Dimaluo 
Drive to BinzhongLuo, then trekking 4 hours to visit the first Bend of Nujiang River (Sawleen River), The Nu People, Stone Houses, Hinayana Buddhism, Lama Temple, Chongdintian Catholic Church.

Continue drive north along the Nu River to Dimaluo Village, which is used as a base for travelers trekking to and from the Mekong river valley to the east, but is also notable as one of Nujiang's numerous Catholic communities - the legacy of nineteenth century French missionaries.The established base for out-of-towner accommodation is Alou's Tibetan Lodge and Adventures, a backpacker hostel run by a cluey local with a penchant for environmental conservation. They can also provide guides and porters for trekking.
Day2 Dimaluo-Biluo Snow Mountain
Start trekking up the Biluo Snow Mountain(4652m) which is between the Nu river and the Mekong river, you will pass a village(Baihanluo) and a catholic church. Camping or stay in local villager's house.
Day3 Biluo Snow Mountain-Layaton Village- Diwazhachong Village
Continue trekking up the mountain, you will pass a village (Layatong) and the mountain pass of 4000m, reach the village (Diwazhachong). Camping or stay in local villager's house.
Day4 Biluo Snow Mountain-Cizhong Town
Trekking down the mountain to Cizhong town by the side of Mekong river, finished your 3 days trekking,(total trekking distance is about 50 km), visit the 100-year-old catholic church built by a french missionery, which is also the best-preserved church in Yunnan. Stay in a local guesthouse.
Day5 Cizhong Town-Deqen-Meili Snow Mountain
Travel north along the Mekong River for half a day from Cizhong to Meili Snow Mountain (6740m), view the Minyong Glacier up the mountain. Stay in a guesthouse in Minyong village.
Trekking Tour Itinerary around Biluo Snow Mountain:
D1: Get together in Kuming
D2: Kuming---Lanping
Visit: Dianxi view
D3: Lanping---Zhongpai
Visit: cross over the Lantsang big gorge by car
D4: Zhongpai---Laowo village
Visit: Susu clan local customs gorge, mountains (pedestrian and camper on the mountain)
D5: Laowo village---Nianbeiyibi God Lake
Cross over the Laowo Mountain, Paidi Mountain
D6: Climb the Laowo Mountain (4435 meter above sea level), stay in Qiyibi edelweiss Lakes bank.
D7: Qiyibi God Lake---Nianboyibi God Lake
Visit: edelweiss, forest, lakes
D8: God Lake--- Yijiageluoyibi Lake
Cross over the Laowo Mountain, Paidi Mountain
D9: Yijiaeluoyibi Lake---Mashidi Hollow 
Visit: Yijiaeluoyibi Lake, cross over Paidi Mountain pass (3910 meters above sea level), Nreyibi Lake, Gandiyibi Lake sights.
D10: Masidi Hollow---Xipo camp (3000 meters above sea level)
Visit: forest, Nujiang big gorge
D11: Xipo---Fugong
Visit: gorge, forest, Nujiang big gorge sights
D12: Fugong---Kuming

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