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Chinese Name:轿子雪山

Key Words:the First Mountain in the middle of Yunnan

Location: 188km away from Kunming, on the border of Luquan County and Dongchuan District

Altitude:4223 m

The Best Time To Visit Jiaozi Snow Mountain

The best time to appreciate the mountain veiled by white snow is from late November to March, when the mountain becomes a white beauty. Rivers are frozen. The tree branches are coated white, the grassland is hidden by the huge white carpet of snow. Animals are having a good rest in their caves. It is so tranquil and peaceful.


Another highlight of a winter visit to Jiaozi Snow Mountain is icefalls. Seen from afar, they are like white marble sculptures differing in thousands of ways, which will take away the breath of tourists. On warm spring days, these icefalls melt and become waterfalls cascading down the mountain, which looks splendid and fascinating as well. The falls are mainly distributed at an altitude of 8,202 feet (2,500 meters) to 13,123 feet (4,000 meters), including the Double Waterfalls at the Heroes' Slope, the Sisters Waterfall, the Flower Stream Waterfall, the waterfall at the Water Dripping Rock, the Lotus Waterfall, and the Flown-over Waterfall.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain  Icefall



On the mountain, there are also many lakes worth visiting. The most famous ones are: the Heavenly Pond, the Mubang Lake, the Spirit Pond, the Heavenly Pond at Green Valley, the Heroes' Pond, and the Palanquin Curtain Lake. Glacier erosion contributed a lot to the formation of these lakes. A legend has it that there is a dragon deep in one of the lakes. So, people should not roar near the lake, not to mention throwing stones into it. Otherwise, the dragon will become angry, which might lead to thunderstorm or hail. This legend adds more beauty and mystery to the Jiaozi Snow Mountain.

Ice Lake

Ice Lake

The azalea flowers

Apart from the grand waterfalls and charming lakes, the azalea flowers are colorful decorations of the mountain, usually in full blossom from April to June. White azaleas look very pure while purple ones look noble. The pink are gentle while the red are enthusiastic. Moreover, yellow azaleas are pretty and elegant. They contrast finely with waterfalls and embellish the mountain very well. Seeing clusters of azaleas dance in the gentle breeze and smelling the fresh fragrance will make tourists fascinated and excited. 
Moreover, there are plenty of rare animals and plants in the mountain, including rare birds, insects, flowers, herbs, woods and so on. Hence, it is known as the "Gene Bank of Animals and Plants in Yunnan". The primitive fir forest, known as the "Green Pearl" and "Natural Oxygen Bar", is the only one in Yunnan. Moreover, the glacier and karst sites catch the attention of geologists because of their great significance for scientific research.

Tours including Jiaozi Snow Mountain

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Attractions Near Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Shuju Red Army Memorial Hall in Dongchuan,Kunming

Shuju is one of three major ferries on the Jinsha River (the Yangtz River) when the Red Army passed through Yunnan Province during the Long March in the 1930s. The Memorial Hall is situated in Shuju Village of Buke Town, Dongchuan District of Kunming, covering an area of only 268 square meters but housing over 60 items of relics left behind by the Red Army. As the former command post of the 9th legion of the Red Army in May 1925, the memorial hall was listed as a key historical and cultural site of Yunnan Province and upgraded into a museum in June 2007.

Damakan of Dongchuan Red Land

Damakan, a viewpoint some 9km away from 109 along a bumpy dirt-track, is one of the photographers' favourites. Just when the light is coming out, the small village several hundred meters below is getting busy and smoke starts rising from the farm-houses smokestacks. As the farmers are starting their working day, the photographers' morning shift is almost over.

Admission Fee:¥90

Opening Hours:08:00-18:00

Attraction Transportation:As mentioned earlier, we rented a car and drove to Jiaozi Snow Mountain from Kunming. The car was 200 yuan per day and round-trip we paid 150 yuan for gas. If driving, take Highway G8511 (G8511昆磨高速) north out of the city and follow the signs. Parking inside the scenic area costs ten yuan per day.
Getting there by bus is a bit more difficult, as there is apparently no dedicated bus service directly to the park although one is in the offing. There is one daily bus from Kunming's North Bus Station to Zhuanlong (转龙) in Luquan County. It departs at 1:30pm and takes roughly three and half hours to arrive. Tickets cost 35 yuan per person. From there, local buses ferry tourists to and from the scenic area for a small fee. All-inclusive tours can also be booked through Wonders of Yunnan Travel.
Tickets into the park proper are 70 yuan. This fee does not include cable car rides, which run 35 yuan one way. The Jiaozi Snow Mountain Scenic Area is open year-round — barring inclement weather — from 8:30am-5:30pm. Accommodation inside the park can cost as much as 500 yuan for a night, but we stayed in reasonably priced guesthouse that charged 80 yuan per person and included meals.

Attraction Travel Tips:  The temperature fluctuates extremely between day and night and due to the rise of elevation on the mountain. It may be sunny during the daytime and at the foot of the mountain, but windy and cold at night or on mountain top. So, you are advised to prepare enough clothes. In addition, you should apply moisturizer and sunscreen cream for your exposed skin, and wear a pair of sunglasses in winter because the snow is quite dazzling.
 Climbing the Jiaozi Mountain is energy-consuming, so you need to take enough food and water.
 To climb the undeveloped mountain areas, you’d better hire a local guide who is familiar with the environment.

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