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Aini Ethnic People

Aini Ethnic People

 Aini Ethnic People

Aini Ethnic People

Affinity Group: Southeast Asian Peoples

Affinity Bloc: Tibetan / Himalayan Peoples

People Cluster: Hani

Language: Hani - (hni)

Alternate Name(s): Hani Aini, Akha Aini

Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions - Chinese Universalism / Folk

Country: China

Also found in: Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam;

Population: 277,000

Global Population: 577,700

Progress of the Gospel: Engaged yet Unreached

Global Status of Evangelical Christianity: 2


The Aini of China, numbering 277,000, are Engaged yet Unreached. They are part of the Hani people cluster within the Tibetan / Himalayan Peoples affinity bloc. Globally, this group totals 577,700 in 4 countries. Their primary language is Hani. The primary religion practiced by the Aini is Chinese folk religion, a complex mix of beliefs and practices that includes elements of Buddhism, Taoism and ancestor veneration.

Aini is a branch of Hani nation, inhabiting in the Ainishang of Xishuanbanna. They all like the black dresses, the men have the trousers, the women have the skirts. They take the rice as their main three meals a day, prefer to the tea and smoke the tobacco. They are good at the medicine treatment techniques and the methods of massages.


Roasted Tea of Aini People

Aini people is reputed for long history of tea planting and consumption, they inherited the ancient plantations and learned cultivating skills from Bulang People, and developed the technology of tea planting to a higher level. In long process of development, Aini People formed also their own different tea-drinking traditions, of which roasted tea is a universally performed example in their daily lives. Similar to Jinuo People's wrap-charcoaled tea, roasting is a shortened and quickened processing course, too, difference is that Aini People would roast fresh tea leaves directly above charcoal fire, it dries tea leaves faster. The soup of roasted tea contains more natural taste from tea plant, is specially favored by Aini People, when have visitors at home, roasted tea is often offered to deliver host's hospitality.

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