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Lugu Lake Tours

Lugu Lake lies 200 kilometers (approximately 124 miles) from the center of Lijiang City, on the border between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province. It is like a beautiful pearl shining among the hills of the northwest plateau in Yunnan.

The lake is in the shape of a horse's hoof - long from north to south, and narrower from east to west. The vista of the lake changes constantly throughout the day. The morning mist mixed with the light of the rising sun gives it an orange glow covered by mist. When the light of sun causes the hills to throw their shadows onto the water, the lake has a jade green color. The lake is calm and dark green in the evening when the sun sinks, and is peaceful when night comes. Gentle wind blows and water ripples.

I linke to visit Yunnan for
  • 10 Days Shangrila Adventure Hiking Tour from Muli to Yading Nature Reserve

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Muli-Shuiluo-Jialuo-Risa Pasture-Yading Nature Reserve-Daocheng-Xiangcheng-Derong-Benzilan-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 12 Days Grand Shangrila Exploration from Lugu Lake to Yading Nature Reserve and Meili Snow Mountain

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Muli-Riwa-Yading-Daocheng-Xiangcheng-Derong-Benzilan-Feilaisi-Shangrila-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 8 Days Lijiang Hiking Tours from Baoshan Stone Town to Lugu Lake

    Lijiang-Baoshan Stone Town-Fengke-Labo-Zhuangzi-Yongniang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 13Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve to Lugu Lake

    Shangrila-Daocheng-Yading-Yongning-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 12Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Lugu Lake to Baoshan Stone Town and Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Yongning-Zhuangzi-Fengke-Baoshan-Daju-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 16Days Yunnan and Sichuan Trekking Tour from Lugu Lake to Daocheng with Chengdu Panda Experience

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Grassland-Tongtian River-Kawa village-Lusi Grassland-Kasi village-Chonggu Monastery-Daocheng-Litang-Kangding-Chengdu

    Price from:us$40

  • 13Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Lugu Lake to Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Riwa-Yading-Daocheng-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 6Days Lijiang Trekking Tour around Lugu Lake

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$40

  • 9 Days Grand Lijiang and Shangrila Exploration from Lugu Lake to Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Fengke-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 2 Days Lugu Lake Join-in Group Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking Group/No Shopping)

    Lijiang-Luguhu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$120

  • 2 Days Lugu Lake and Matriarchal Society Experience Tour

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Yongning-Lijiang

    Price from:us$211

  • 3 Days Lugu Lake Join-in Group Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking Group/No Shopping)

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$277

  • 3 Days Lugu Lake and Mosuo Ethnic People Discovery

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Yongning-Lijiang

    Price from:us$310

  • 8 Days Yunnan Seat in Coach Tour with Lugu Lake (Join in Chinese-speaking Group,No Shopping)

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$598

  • 7 Days Lijiang City Tour with Lugu Lake and Mosuo Matriarchal Society Experience

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Yongning-Lijiang

    Price from:us$637

  • 10 Days Yunnan Seat in Coach Tour with Lugu Lake(Join in Chinese-speaking Group,No Shopping)

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang-Kunming

    Price from:us$743

  • 14 Days Yunnan Cycling Tour to Kunming Dali ShangriLa Lijiang and Lugu Lake

    Kunming-Dali-Jianchuan-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Baishuitai-Shangrila-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$881

  • 12 Days Yunnan Seat In Coach Tour with Lugu Lake and XishuangBanna Tropical Forest (Join in Chinese-...

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang-Xishuangbanna-Kunming

    Price from:us$926

  • 11 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Holy Lugu Lake and Mosuo Matriarchal Society

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Luguhu Lake-Shangri La

    Price from:us$1113

  • 12 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Meili Snow Mountain and Lugu Lake

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Lake-Shangri La-Deqin-ShangriLa-Kunming

    Price from:us$1250

  • 14Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Holy Meili Snow Mountain and Mosuo Matriarchal Society in Lugu Lake

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Shangri La-Deqin-ShangriLa-Kunming

    Price from:us$1433

  • 8 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Tour with Lugu Lake and Yi Ethnic Torch Festival Experience

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Lijiang-ShangriLa-Kunming

    Price from:us$1576

  • 16 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Holy Meili Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake's Mosuo Matriarchal Society and...

    Kunming-Shilin-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Shangri-La-Meili Snow Mountain-Shangrila

    Price from:us$1792

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