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Diqing Overview

Why begin Yunnan Diqing Adventure Tour?

Diqing is a glorious place, with dense forests, alpine lakes, grasslands, and gorges distributed among the meadows and plains. Among the lakes, Bitahai, Napahai, Hehai and Shouduhai are the most beautiful. Jinsha Tiger Leaping Gorge and Lianchajiang Gorge are the most famous. Every spring, fields of flowers blanket this region. There are over 200 kinds of azaleas, about 100 kinds of gentian and a variety of primroses and lilies. As such a mysterious land, Yunnan Diqing Adventure Tour especially Shangri-La Adventure Tour has become popular choices for whom would like to adventure and calm them dowm.

‣ Where is Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is situated in the northwest of Yunnan Province, bordered on the northeast by Sichuan Province, and on the northwest by the Tibet Autonomous Region. Southwest and southeast of Diqing Prefecture are other parts of Yunnan Province: Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture and Lijiang respectively.

‣ Basic Information of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture    

• Full Name:Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

• Chinese Name: 迪庆藏族自治州

• Key Words: Holy Land, Earthly Paradise

• Area: 23870 k㎡

• Population: 400,000

• Zip Code:674400

• Seat of Government: Shangri-La City

• Altitude:1500-6740 meters

Diqing Climate

Enjoying a typical plateau climate, it may snow in August, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous prefecture is encompassed by the Hengduan Mountains, and the terrain varies greatly, so the temperature difference of a day is great, too. Sometimes visitors can even experience all the four seasons in one day. July to September is the rainy season.

‣ Administrative Diversion of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

There are one city and two counties in this prefecture: Shangri-La City(香格里拉), Deqin County(德钦), and Weixi Lisu Autonomous County(维西). And they all used to be under the administration of Lijiang (located southeast of this prefecture). Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was established in 1957 and named Diqing by its first governor.

What to Visit in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Visitors to the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will surely find themselves in a land where mysterious tranquillity is harmoniously blended with the ever-changing scenery.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

It is on the Jinsha River of the upper reaches of the Yangtze is located 105 kilometers south of Zhongdian County. It is one of the deepest gorges in the world.

Ganden Songzanlin Monastery

Being the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan, Songzanlin Monastery, also known as Guihua Monastery, is one of the famous monasteries in the Kang region.

Meli Snow Mountain

As a holy land of pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhists, Meili Snow Mountain is characterized by the usual four distinct seasons.

Feilaisi Monastery

Feilaisi Monastery is the best place to watch goden peaks of Meili mountain at sunrise.

‣‣‣ More Attractions in Diqing

‣ Minority Culture in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

There are 16 nationalities in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Among them, 9 nationalities have a population of more than 9,000,  which are Tibetan Ethnic Nationality, Lisu Ethnic Nationality, Naxi Ethnic Nationality, Han Nationality, Bai Ethnic Nationality, Hui Ethnic Nationality, Yi Ethnic Nationality, Miao Ethnic Nationality and Pumi Ethnic Nationality.

‣ What to Eat in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Most residents in Diqing are Tibetans, so food is of Tibetan flavor. Here in Diding, tourists can taste natural Zanba, buttered tea, barley beer, have a dinner at home of Tibetan's and experience the local customs. The Tibetan food is often made of beef, besides, plenty of Tibetan snacks can be found here such as Zanba, buttered tea and barley beer etc.

Recommended Hotels in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

• Five-star Hotels

•Hylandia by Shangri-La(恬居香格里拉)

•Songtsam Retreat(松赞林美景阁)

•Paradise Hotel Shangri-La(香格里拉大酒店)

•Four-star Hotels

•Shangri-La Old Town Hotel(古城国际)

•Zhaxidela Hotel(扎西德勒)

•Three-star Hotels

•Shenqu Hotel(神曲酒店)

•Shunxin Hotel

•Moon City Hotel

Diqing Transportation


Diqing Shangri-La Airport, also known simply as Diqing Airport, is one of the biggest airports in the northwest of the Yunnan Province. It is located about 3.4 miles (5.5 km) from the center of Shangri-La City. There are flights to Lhasa, Chengdu, Beijing (via Kunming), Shanghai Pudong, Shenzhen (via Guiyang), Guangzhou, Kunming and Xishuangbanna.


Highways are the main means of transportation to reach Diqing Prefecture. There are also direct bus routes to Kunming, Lijiang, and Panzhihua (Sichuan).

Diqing Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Diqing

Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is a picturesque place suitable for travel all year round. Visitors can find different beautiful scenery in different seasons. If you are interested in Diqing or mysterious Shangri-La tour, our experienced staff of Yunnan Adventure Travel will work out a professional and individual travel plan with you according to your travel demands.

Useful Numbers in Diqing

• Fire: 119• Police: 110• Ambulance: 120
• Weather Forecast: 12121• Public Security Bureau: 0887-8222128• Tourist Complaints: 0887-96927

•The hotel in Diqing Prefecture may usually serve more Chinese food and less Western food for the breakfast, and less hotel employees speak English. This sometimes causes some misunderstanding between the hotel employees and the clients. However, people in Diqing are generally very nice. In addition, Yunnan Adventure Travel can offer professional English tour guide for travelers.

Due to the highland climate, the temperature changes greatly between day and night. Travelers had better bring coats, down jackets, gloves and other cold weather outfits. Every June to September, it is the rain season of Diqing. After October, the weather turn cold so Yunnan Adventure Travel suggest travelers pay attention to keep warm.

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