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Gengma Shopping

There are many ethnic and folk crafts such as Reconstruction of skin paper(构皮造纸),Build the rule of pottery clay plate(泥条盘筑法制陶)embroidery(刺绣),paper cutting(剪纸)in Gengma. Known products are : Mangtuan White  cotton paper of Dai(傣族的芒团白棉纸), cotton paper, MongYong soil pot,(勐永土锅), embroidered shoes,(绣花鞋)) Wa Wengda drum piers,(佤族的翁达鼓墩) the cow blanket,(牛肚子毯) Palm-leave fans in Gengma County耿马粽叶扇, all with distinctive national characteristics and rich traditional style.Also you can buy Gengma steaming tea enzymes耿马蒸酶茶,Gengma sucrose耿马蔗糖,Three south of teas,三南名茶.


 【Dai Ethnic Handmade Paper】傣族手工纸

 Developing from the traditional Chinese papermaking technique, the Dai ethnic papermaking has been kept in many places, such as Mangshi Village (Yongkang Town of Yongde County) and Mangtuan Village (Mengding Town of Gengma County)-both are in Lincang City.Lincang is suitable for papermaking all the year round, and the main material is the bark of a kind of tree locally called "Man Sha"(Broussonetia papyrifera). The whole process includes: soaking, vapourating, pulping, filtering, and sunning etc.Paper made in this way is tenacious, white and glossy, and can be kept for long time. Furthermore, because it is anticorrosion and insect-proof, it is widely used in many fields, such as packing foods and writing Theravada sutras.


【Wa ethnic satchels】佤族筒帕

Also named "Tongpa", Wa ethnic satchels are designed with lattices with red, yellow and black threads. Other decos on them include cross patterns made of grass, and tassels drooping at the bottom.A satchel is a must for each member of the Wa ethnic minority, no matter how old he or she is. When working in the fields or on mountain, Wa people use them to hold tobaccos, tea and even food--especially for lunch; while for the young, it is a token of love. A girl will make a satchel and give it to the boy she fall in love with.

【Wa ethnic blanket】(佤族毯子

Wa ethnic blankets are traditional handicrafts in Lincang City, and the patterns on them vary, from checkers, willow twigs and waves to vivid flowers and animals. Great efforts are needed to fabricate such decent blankets.

As a token of love as well as friendship, Wa ethnic blankets are gifts given between Wa ethnic members. When a girl falls in love with a boy, she'll offer him a delicately-made blanket.

【Palm-leave fans in Gengma County】耿马粽叶扇

Moya village of Mengding Town, Gengma County, is a big producer of palm tree leaves, and is most famous for its fans braided from the leaves of Chinese fan palm trees (Latin name: Livistona chinensis).

Light, cute and exquisite, Moya palm-leave fans are widely used not only as interior decorations, but also as practical cooling tools in summertime.


【Gengma sucrose】耿马蔗糖


Gegma Autonomous County is one of the country's major sugar base in the county are the first sugar - producing in ,Yunnan Province. Sucrose plays an important " faucet " and " pillar ".in the county's economic development .Gengma sugar industry has 29 years of development history, Gengma been initially formed " dragon's head ( enterprise ) + base + peasant household " mode of operation and management, there are 3 sugar mills in the county seat, daily processing capacity of more than 8800 of sucrose.


【 Gengma steaming tea enzymes】耿马蒸酶茶

Gengma steam enzymes of tea is a specialty of Gengma County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province Steaming tea enzymes having the appearance of the cable tight straight,the  liquor color is green, clear and bright fragrance ,and taste sweet, can quell summer thirst, beauty, longevity, aid digestion, anti-aging, anti-radiation. For tea treasures.



【Mengyong pottery wares】勐永陶器

The pott a history ery making of the Dai ethnic people in Mengyong Town of Gengma County has enjoyedof as long as 100 years. What is the most famous is "Mengyong pottery pot" called "Moling" in the Dai language.


【Three south of teas】 三南名茶

Three south of teas, specialty from the gengma Dai Xiang, Wa Xiang.


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