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Huaning Overview

Geographical location

Huaning(华宁) is a county under the jurisdiction of Yuxi prefecture, Yunnan province. It lies in the south edge of the middle Yunnan lake basins region. Huaning county borders Mile county in the east, Tonghai county in the west, Jianshui county in the south and Chengjiang county in the north. It stretches 34km from east to west, 59km from north to south with the total area of 1313 square kilometers, the mountainous area occupies 89%. The terrain leaps from northwest to southeast. In its’ territory, mountains, hills, basins, valley breaking joint, main river is Nanpan river, Qinglong river, Haikou River and so on, all these rivers belong to Zhujiang river system.

Brief introduction

Huaning county is under the jurisdiction of Yuxi prefecture, Yunnan province. It has a population of 215 thousand, Han people occupies 72.8%, Yi people occupies the most percentage of the total population of ethnic groups. Huaning county is abundant in natural resources especially mine, water power, various plants and animals. Recently, Huaning county has made great progress in economic development and other aspects.

Administrative division

Ningzhou Sub-district office(宁州街道办事处), Panxi town(盘溪镇), Qinglong town(青龙镇), Tonghongdian Yi and Miao township(通红甸彝族苗族乡).

Ethnic groups


The Huaning County Almanac (1994:514) lists the following 6 Yi subgroups and their respective geographic distributions.

Nong 弄 (Longmu 龙亩)

Xincheng Township 新城乡: Xincheng 新城, Longmu 龙亩, Kazhai 卡寨, Sheyingzhai 舍阴寨, Shemuduo 舍亩多, Suojugou 所居沟, Pusulu 普苏鲁

Azhe 阿者/阿哲

Panxi Township 盘溪乡 (near Mile and Jianshui): Xincun 新村, Fangna 方那, Jiudian 九甸, Xiaolongtan 小龙潭

Adu 阿笃

Qinglong Town 青龙镇: Songzichang 松子场, Xinzhai 新寨, Douju 斗居, Chengmendong 城门洞,  Niuqiduo 牛期多

Lufeng Township 禄丰乡: Gele 革勒

Xiqi 西期

Tonghongdian Township 通红甸乡: Suomeizao 所梅早村, Dapozuo 大婆左村

Panxi Township 盘溪乡: Yide 矣得村, Fagao 法高村, Dayaxi 大丫喜村, Longtanying 龙潭营村

Chengjiao Township 城郊乡: Denglou Mountain 登楼山, Puchazhai 普茶寨

Huaxi Township 华溪乡: Xishajing 西沙井村, Dujia 独家村

Qinglong Township 青龙镇: Shanqi 山歧村, Qize 起则村

Ati 阿梯/阿替

Huaxi Township 华溪乡: Xiaozhai 小寨, Daxinzhai 大新寨, Heiniubai 黑牛白

Chengjiao Township 城郊乡: Faguo 法果, Mada 吗哒, Zanle 咱乐, Chongmai 冲麦

Xincheng Township 新城乡: Longmu 龙亩, Tulaoyi 土老依, Naguo 那果

Tonghongdian Township 通红甸乡: Zele 则勒, Momian 磨面, Xiaoguodi 小锅底

Qinglong Township 青龙镇: Zhongcun 中村,  Yifu 矣甫, Daomakan 倒马坎

Lufeng Township 禄丰乡: Chekaibi 扯开比

Axi 阿细

Panxi Township 盘溪乡, among the Azhe

The following 6 Yi subgroups were recorded during the Qing Dynasty.

White Lolo 白倮倮

Black Lolo 黑倮倮

Miao Lolo 妙倮倮

Ati 阿替

Azhe 阿者

Pute 普特


The following Miao subgroups reside in Huaning County, by order of population size (Huaning County Almanac 1994:515):

Flowery Miao 花苗 (autonym: Mengzhou 猛昼)

Sinicized Miao 汉苗 (autonym: Mengsha 猛沙)

White Miao 白苗

Their locations are:

Tonghongdian Township 通红甸乡: Liuzhai 六寨,  Xiaonuojie 小糯节,  Zhongzhai 中寨, Xiaopozuo 小婆左, Tangzi 塘子, Guobenglong 狗崩竜, Xiaodele 小得勒, Tonghongdian 通红甸, Xiaolila 小里拉, Xiaoji'ao 箫箕凹, Momian 磨面

Huaxi Township 华溪乡: Zanlongtan 咱龙潭, Mushebai 暮舍白

Panxi Township 盘溪乡: Chaoyangzhai 朝阳寨, Zhongshan 钟山, Pingba Xiaozhai 平坝小寨, Dayanzi 大岩子

Qinglong Township 青龙镇: Laoyingwo 老鹰窝, Daomakan 倒马坎, Hongpo 红坡, Ma'anshan 马鞍山, Xinzhai 新寨, Douni 斗尼

Lufeng Township 禄丰乡: Shimen 石洞, Luojiawuju 罗家屋居, Zhugudou 住姑斗

Chengjiao Township 城郊乡: Longdong 龙洞村

Ningzhou Town 宁州镇

Huaning county in Yunnan province

Huaning County
Location of Huaning County (pink) and Yuxi Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Huaning County (pink) and Yuxi Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureYuxi Prefecture
 • Total1,114 km2 (430 sq mi)
 • Total194,897
 • Density170/km2 (450/sq mi)
Postal code652800
Area code(s)0877

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