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Hongta District Overview

Geographical Location

Hongta District (Chinese: 红塔区; Pinyin: Hóngtǎ Qū) is the main district of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, China. he county government of Yuxi City is seated in Hongta District. he co-existence of different nationalities such as Han, Yi, Hui, Bai, and Hani is an irresistible cultural attraction. Various specialties have added much luster to the thirty-two models in seven types of tourism resources in Hongta District.




Brief Introduction

Adjacent to Kunming it is a bright pearl in the tourist development of Central Yunnan. Hongta Golden Tourist Route consists of all the highlights of tourism in Yuxi Municipality and offers a new chapter and forms an important part of Yunnan tourism with rich and refined cultural connotations.

The stunning beauty Hongta District whose qualities are revealed in the following: the Nine-dragon Pond with its classical, graceful and tranquil style, the towering Gaogu Pavilion, the well-known Hongtashan Hill, the wonderful and luxurious Longma Karst Cave which is like Dragon King’s Palace, the Relics of Ancient Kilns which embody the exquisite workmanship of our ancestors…All this will surely enchant the tourists.




More information about Hongta District

The beauty of Hongta District is also embodied in her creativity: the Dongfeng Reservoir, a beautiful manmade highland reservoir with a storage capacity of 100 million km3, the Jade-like skyscraper at Guansuoba, where the cigarette production line up to the international standard brings its high-quality cigarette like Hongtashan, Ashima and Gonghexinxi to the world market, so we could announce proudly that Yuxi Cigarette Factory is one of the largest factories in the world and No.1 in Asia. The straight boulevards, the brand-new buildings and the emerging satellite towns have added luster of this imposing picture.


The people of Dayingjie Village have turned an old and poor village into a modernized, rich and beautiful socialist town and a new scenic spot. The five tourist spots of Hongta District, with their long histories and rich cultural connotations, embody the germs of their natural and cultural resources. The combined influence of the famous industries, springs, temples, brands and the rich cultural history of Hongta District will surely be useful to have itself upon among the second generation of China’s tourist highlights in the 21 century with its own characteristics.


Hongta Industrial Zone was built by China’s leading tobacco enterprise Hongta Group and started industrial tourism on March 2006. The zone consists of Central Landscape Park, office building, cigarette production lines, technology center, Qianguashan Hill View Deck, Hongtashan Theme Park, Forest Park, and Tobacco Museum. 
The climate of Yuxi is spring-like all round the year and the zone is picturesque with different layers of plants and water facilities. The zone is full of vitality. From a small-scale tobacco leaf redrying factory in 1956 to today’s No.1 industry in the state and world leading transnational enterprise, the development history of Hongta Group represents the history of Chinese industry pursuing to be world class. Visitors to the zone can visit the world-leading cigarette production lines, understand the production process and techniques, and experience the industrial culture of Hongta Group.


Ethnic groups

The Yuxi City Almanac (1993:189) lists the following ethnic groups.

·         Yi

·         Naisupo 乃苏泼 (in the east)

·         Niesupo 聂苏泼 (in the west)

·         Lalu 腊鲁

·         Sani 撒尼

·         Bula 卜拉

·         Xiangtang 香堂

·         Ache 阿车

·         Bai (Sadu)

·         Hani: pop. 972 (1987), in Meichong village 梅冲村,[1] Hongta District



Location of Hongta District (pink) and Yuxi Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
  Location of Hongta District (pink) and Yuxi Prefecture (yellow)   within Yunnan province of China






Yuxi City


 • Total

1,004 km2 (388 sq mi)


 • Total


 • Density

380/km2 (980/sq mi)

Postal code


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