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Xinping Overview

Design your Xinping Tours?Situated smack dab in the center of the province but off of the main transit corridors, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County (新平彝族傣族自治县) is a place that deserves to be better known. Its fertile Red River valley, home of the Flowery Waist Dai (花腰傣), is a slice of Xishuangbanna-esque tropical paradise just three hours from Kunming. The basin is flanked on either side by vastly different terrain — a plateau populated by Yi people on the east, and a nature reserve and biodiversity hotspot on the west.Xinping isn't so much a place you go for any titular destinations, but the traveler passing through its territory is unlikely to be disappointed. 

‣Where Xinping Is

Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous county is located in the southwest of central Yunnan province, it lies in the middle part of Ailao mountain. Xinping county borders Eshan county in the east, Shiping county in the southeast, Yuanjiang county in the south, Zhenyuan county in the west and Shuangbai county to the north across Lvzhi river. The county seat is 180 km away from Kunming, and 90km away from Yuxi city. Its’ terrain leaps from northwest to southeast, the highest elevation reaches 3165.9 meters, the lowest is 422 meters.  Its’ total land area is 4223 square kilometers.

‣Basic Information


 Chinese Name:新平

Total Area: 1,114 km2 (430 sq mi)


Density: 230/km2 (600/sq mi)

Postal Code:653400

Area Code:3400

‣Administrative Division of Xinping

Guishan sub-district(桂山街道), Old town sub-district(古城街道),Yangwu town(扬武镇), Mosha town(漠沙镇), Gasa town(戛洒镇), Shuitang Town(水塘镇),  Pingdian township(平甸乡), Xinhua township(新化乡), Laochang town(老厂乡), Jianxing township(建兴乡), Pingzhang township(平掌乡), Zheyan township(者竜乡)

‣Ethnic Festivals of Xinping

The Flower Street Festival(花街节) is a traditional event for Flower Waist Belt Dai Minority in Xinping County, when the young people have a chance to know about each other, when the youth are concerned with love and romance, when the young men and women choose the mates they will spend their lives with.

‣What to Visit In Xinping

Ailao Mountain National Natural Reserve:; listed as the provincial nature reserve in 1981 and the national nature reserve in 1983. It is the closest national nature reserve to Kunming. It is the zone with the greatest varieties of plants and animals and has the best-preserved plant community of the areas in the same latitude.

The ancient tea-horse road:It was an important road linking central and southern Yunnan with inland of China and foreign countries. It was an important component of Southern Silk Way. It was the most important trade road between central and southern Yunnan and inland of China. It has contributed remarkably to the trading and economic development from ancient time till now.

The Stone Gate Valley:the major scenes include Yincui Valley, Colored-stone Stream, Pearl Pond, and Moon Pond. At the moment, a 1-kilometer-long tour road has been built and the zone is equipped with parking lot, tourism toilets, and rental cottages. 

 Damuyu is another one to experience the Huayo Dai (Flowery Dai) ethnic culture in Xinping County. All the villagers of the both villages belong to Daiya branch of the Dai ethnic minority. Damuyu is a quaint Dai community with picturesque landscapes. Main tourist draws here include earthen houses, betel-nut trees, orchards, bamboo groves, ancient ferries, limpid streams and Huayao Dai ethnic customs.

Mopan Mountain

Dai Girls


‣Xinping Transportation

Xinping county has a convenient transportation system,the transportation of Xinping county mainly rely on highway, the total mileage of expressways and roads had reached 4743km,  6 passenger stations are built, and more than 70 lines are opened for operating.  Among those highways, national highway occupies 22km, provincial highway occupies 296 km, county road occupies 438km, and the village road occupies 3997km. The annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 1.2 million and 8.5 million respectively. The post and telecom industry took a step forward. You can choose minibus or long-distance bus to go to Hongta District in Yuxi, and buses depart to Kunming everyday. In addition, the railway connect Xinping and Kunming is under construction.

‣Xinping Food

Xinping is abundant in local dishes and delicacies. The eating habits of Han People is influenced by those ethnic groups  in Huaning county, especially Yi  and Dai people.  In the county, you can taste many delicious local food, like Mosha Fried field snail, Yaonan ham, Xinping pickled fish and  so on.

‣Xinping Travel Tips

•Yunnan Adventure Travel will work out individual travel itinerary for travelers and provide professional English tour guide. If you are interested in traveling to Xinping, please contact our experienced staff to design your private Xinping tour.

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