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Longling County Overview

Geographical Location

Longling county(Chinese:龙陵县; pinyin: Lónglíng Xiàn) is acounty in Baoshan Prefecture. The geographical coordinates of Longling county is longitude 98 ° 25 '99 ° 11', north latitude 24 ° 07 ' to 24 ° 50'. The maximum distance from east to west is 64 kilometers and the maximum span from south to north is 78 kilometers winthin the county. In the order of east, south, west and north, Respectively borders on Shidian(施甸), Yongde(永德), Zhenkang(镇康), Miandian(缅甸), Mangshi(芒市), Lianghe(梁河), Tengchong(腾冲), Longyang(隆阳). The overall length of the boundary line is 19.71 kilometers. Longling county has a total area of 2884 square kilometers.


Longling County (Chinese: 龙陵县) is a county in Baoshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China.Its capital is the large community Longshan (龙山镇).The former site of the Songshan-Battleground (Chinese: 松山战役旧址) (1944, the Anti-Japanese War) since 2006 is on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China.The Battle of Mount Song (松山战役) in 1944 was the largest campaign in southwestern China during the Second World War. Chinese Nationalist forces aimed to retake control over the Burma Road. The Japanese were losing the war in Burma and aimed to block off the highway for as long as they could. They used slave labor from Thailand and Burma to construct a series of tunnels and bunkers in order to turn the mountain into a fortress. The Chinese forces were unaware of the depth of the Japanese defenses, and their underestimation led to heavy casualties. 

Administrative Division 

Longling county is located in western Yunnan province. In 2006, Longling county has an area of 2884 square kilometers. It have jurisdiction over 3 towns, 6 townships, 1 nationality township: Longshan Town(龙山镇), Zhenan Town(镇安镇), Mengnuo Town(勐糯镇), Longjiang Township(龙江乡), Lameng Township(腊勐乡), Bizhai Township(碧寨乡), Longxin Township(龙新乡), Xiangda Township(象达乡), Pingda Township(平达乡), Mucheng Yi and Lisu Nationality Township(木城彝族僳僳族乡).

Ethnic Groups

In 2006, the distribution condition of ethnic groups in Longling county: Yi(彝族), Bai(白族), Dai(傣族), Zhuang(壮族), Miao(苗族), Hui(回族), Lisu(僳僳族), Lahu(拉祜族), Wa(佤族), Naxi(纳西族), Yao(瑶族), Zang(藏族), Jingpo(景颇族), Bulang(布朗族), Buyi(布依族), Achang(阿昌族), Hani(哈尼族), Xibo(锡伯族), Pumi(普米族), Menggu(蒙古族), Nu(怒族), Jinuo(基诺族), Deang(德昂族), Shui(水族), Mang(满族), Dulong(独龙族) and so on.

Longling County in Baoshan Prefecture

Longling County
Location of Longling County (pink) and Baoshan Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Longling County (pink) and Baoshan Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureBaoshan City
 • Total2,884 km2 (1,114 sq mi)
 • Total270,000
 • Density94/km2 (240/sq mi)
Postal code678300
Area code(s)0875

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