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Longling County Culture

Longling County (Chinese: 龙陵县) is a county in Baoshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China.Its capital is the large community Longshan (龙山镇).The former site of the Songshan-Battleground (Chinese: 松山战役旧址) (1944, the Anti-Japanese War) since 2006 is on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China. Longling county’s culture is colorful and unique, especially, Huang Longyu (黄龙玉) represented by the Long Yu culture, Songshan(松山) represented by Anti-Japanese War culture, Bangnazhang(邦纳掌) represented by springs health culture.


Huang Longyu (黄龙玉) Culture

In 2004, a new kind of jade in yunnan found, is yunnan province association of ornamental called "HuangLongYu". HuangLongYu is the xinjiang and tian yu and Burma jade, it was found that the most high quality jade kind. HuangLongYu mass-tone attune is yellow, with the color: suet white, pallor, red, black, grey, green, such as colorful color. Yellow in Chinese culture and has the most prominent mysterious color, for the imperial family and religious special. Chinese people has been committed to the discovery of yellow jade, for thousands of years but nothing that TianHuangShi a birth is seal for stone emperor, for real and dignified pet.

As a jade HuangLongYu before development, just as ornamental is the collection and sale, is said to do "yunnan yellow wax stone." in the A.D. 2000 years before and after, guangxi stone business in yunnan LongLing and MangShi border area of fadilah river found "yunnan yellow wax stone." because of its rock thin run, colour and lustre is golden yellow, large block type, change is rich, has a high ornamental value, hence quietly after excavation selling to guangxi as ornamental trading. MangShi people are beginning to large acquisitions, first mountain material, then the seed material. At the beginning of 2004, MangShi market good mountain material as long as a few yuan per kilogram, but now has to thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan per kilogram. The price fast, a miracle in the history of jade.


Bangnazhang(邦纳掌) Spring Culture

Based on the observational data from Bangnazhang hot spring, Longling, in ten years, a discussion has been made on relationship between dynamic slate of ground water and earthquakes in this paper. The obtained results indicate that all hydrological factors in the spring possess per se regularities and stabilized physical and chemical properties; and the correlation among various factors are related closely, stably, and coordinately, and they are mutually constrained with the flow factor as a predominent one. The dynamically coordinate relations between various factors provide an approach to predict a certain factor by single or multi-type factors.At the same time, the approach presents a possibility io invert the anomalous radon variation before Longling earthquake. Through some obtained earthquake cases it is indicated that this hot spring is a sensitive point for earthquakes. The ground water anomalies have something to do with the NS tending seismically active belt.

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