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Luxi County Culture

Luxi is a county with brilliant culture of ancient charm, rich cultural heritage.Famous relics: fossils, kettledrums, highly alugudong Karst.

Luxi fossil泸西龙化石

Fossil points is in three Tang ju long village. Oil battle, magic Dragonfossils that geology 105 teams in 1978, found one. Fossils up to 112 cm, 24of the cervical spine, length 57 cm, 23-24 of the spine, length 58 cm. Well-preserved part of the humerus, 14 cm long, bone and RADIUS 10 and 9.80 cmlong respectively. Limb bones 13.20 cm long. Young c. c. appraisal by experts, known as the "Luxi Guangxi". Its survival time by about 200 millionyears ago in the Triassic period. To the Club for a long time after theinvestigation, housing on the basis of various fossils, mostly fish. Fossilhas been drowning in my pool, stone mining was stopped. Nothosaurus Tethys shallow water organisms, Luxi links with the ancient Mediterranean that 200million years ago. In 1983, from the Club for a long time to de rushed there are fish fossils, turtles and other animals found that enriches the Luxi fossildata.

Bronze   drums铜鼓

Bronze   drums: the historical relics of an ancient, bronze casting. It has   been used as a cooker, have been used for the storage of old currency-thecurrency of tank shell, have been used in the war, to boost morale with a drum, of course, the apparatus is also used as a police   officer, call. From its birth in more than 3,000 years of history, people have been cast, and cherish it. It is not only the embodiment of wealth, is also a symbol ofpower. Only the tribal chiefs, leaders may have it. Therefore, the bronze drums in the civil was deified. Yunnan province is the birthplace of bronze   drums, is the hometown of bronze   drums, Luxi drums spread some of the mythsand legends, as saying drum can fly, a new drum, will use the saw in hisfoot saw a deep scar, this still was flawed, shy person, so the drum no longer fly away. Is the drum again divided into male and female, drum patterns like a girls head beaded jewelry for mother, free for the public.Treasure by the drum remains strong today.

徐霞客与阿庐古洞 Xu Xiake and Alugudong

Xu Xiake had been to alugudong twice , and he wrote a Letter handed down through the ages. Meng Huo had dominated the party, like the Marquis had then Joggle Lupine. In History and reality, celebrities and beauty in the ALU each other. Karst geological resources in Yunnan is famous, ground stone forest park has long been renowned, underground caves in Wonderland spectacle--of Luxi alugudong for its beautiful, it is fascinating. Alugudong locates in Luxi County, more than 160 kilometers from Kunming, it is a typical Karst underground caves;it is also a country with 18 holes of jiufeng ancient magical underground caves. Alugudong also known as Luzhou source, it is one of the Ministry of song, Yuan, Yunnan 37 man "ALU" burrowing, their names had come from this. Its main hole body by Lu source hole, and jade column hole, and Jasper hole, and yusunhe composition, three hole a river full length more than 3,000 more than meters, hole King has ancient, and odd, and must of features, hole outside has Springs, hole in the has hole, hole in the has days, hole Xia has River, also has various stalagmites, and Bell milk, and pillars, and Shi Man, and sickles, and stone waterfall, and stone spent...... And so on, in different poses, everything, shows the vitality of nature fun. Mystic Buddha, November 18, 2006 8:18, Luxi alugudong of Buddha who appeared in a mysterious Buddha, bright colors. 8:26, the most bright and light brilliant. Halo width of about 30 cm, 3 meters in diameter, gradually becomes a two-ring and slowly expand desalination, duration approximately 30Here minutes. Senior physics teacher explain this remarkable Buddha is a rare optical phenomenon, in the period after the winter solstice, and it could happen again. Buddha appears mostly on top of the mountain above the sea of clouds, but it is the first time for it to appeare in a cave. Such an amazing phenomenon in Yunnan province attracted considerable attention and concern, many lucky visitors and specialists witnessed the rare scene.




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