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Luxi County History

Luxi has a long history, built earlier. Since the Western Han dynastyyuanding six years (111 BC) the river spill, in 1985has a history of2,096. Among them, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Fu, State location. The territory inhabited by the Yi, Hui, Zhuang, Miao, Dai, Han nationality,

(1913) in April, changed Zhili State for counties in Guangxi,Guangxi, Li Meng Zi road 18 (1929), directly under the road in Yunnanprovince; in November, Luxi County, County in Guangxi as modified. On March27, 1962, the 115th meeting of the plenary decision of the State Council:restoration of Luxi County, to merge in mile County, the original area, Luxi county administrative area, Luxi County; membership of Honghe Prefecture.

In 1996, Luxi County  covers an area of 1674 square kilometers, about 348,000 people,including Han Chinese which accounted for 87.5% of the total population.Jurisdiction of 1 town, 9 villages: Zhong Shu zhen Shi, three riversTownship, Kinmen and Matsu, the old country, Yi Pu village, Xiangyang Township, and Yong Ning Xiang, Xiang San Tang Xiang, Wu Jie, Pu, white water village. County resident Zhong Shu zhen Shi.

In 2006,Luxi has 1674 square kilometers of the total area, Luxi County and it has a population of 384100 people.Luxi Jurisdiction over 5 towns, 3 townships: Zhong Shu zhen Shi Street, the Golden town, the old town, afternoon town, Baishui Town, and Xiangyang Township, and San Tang Xiang, and Yong Ning Xiang. Atotal of 5, 86 administrative villages of the neighborhood. County residentZhong Shu zhen Shi.

In 2014, the town of Golden town is listed as national key.


Luxi people's war of liberation泸西人民与解放战争

Luxi people of all ethnic groups had the rich indomitable revolutionary spirit  . During the long feudal society, it had launched several massive peasant uprising and the struggle against the oppression and the exploitation,so thousands of young people enthusiastically joined the army, following loving generals Zhang Chong went to the anti-Japanese front, participated in the famous taier zhuang 台儿庄会站and battle of Wuhan, many people who were full of blood spilled on the battlefield in the anti-Japanese. The war of liberation, Nathan underground organization of the Communist Party, under the leadership ofheroism of the people of all ethnic groups to carry out "Chiang armed struggle", more than 3,000 children of all ethnic groups to attend the PLAYunnan-Guizhou border area column, on February 5, 1949 liberation of LuxiCounty, Lu area people's armed struggle against the central base area established Milton, made an important contribution to achieve the liberationof territory of Yunnan. In the 1950-1953 "war“抗美援朝" in the war, more than excellent youth encouraged to register to participate in the Chinese people's volunteers. In 1979 on more self-defence returned fire for station in the, hundreds of name Army soldiers and two a militia do paid labour 1000 people heroic war, militia supporting II even awarded II, work, was province Revolution Committee and provincial military grant "support model militia even" title, militia Lee home can was CMC grant "militia war hero" of title, more than 400 more than soldiers and militia awarded exploits, in Luxi glory of Annals Shang wrote a new chapter.


History people

Patriotic General Zhangchong 张冲,(1901-1980), formerly known as Shao Yu! Also known as reform, yunpeng, Yi, Yi named Nina, Luxi County,Yunnan province, Yong Ning Xiang Xiao Buchan (now transferred to mile county). 1937 second Sino-Japanese war. In August, Zhang Chong KMT 60 army Vice Commander-cum-184 Infantry Division. He met, ye Luo binghui,associated with the army. 1938,he participated in the battle of taierzhuang,and was promoted to Commander. Due to active resistance, 1939 he was removed from the captains chair. After 1956, Zhang Chong is mainly committed to the cause of Socialist construction. He has studied local hydropower in Yunnanprovince, visit the national water, gradually formed a complete set of water conservancy construction, puts the package, Tiger leaping Gorge of the jinsha River, selflessly devoted to water conservancy construction Enterprise。

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