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Jianshui County Culture

With a long history of more than 1200 years, Jianshui is a historical county which is famous for its traditional ethnic festivals, like lantern Festival, Torch, Ku Zaza Festival, Confucius Cultural Festival; for its rich cultural heritage, as Confucius Temple; and beautiful household utensils, for example, The Purple pottery.To learn more knowledge about Jianshui,you should learn some culture of it.

1,灯会lantern Festival

Lantern ── Sixteenth lanterns at Yi folk widespread, is one of the major cultural events Yi to Puxiong Srivastava rural village, town Baiyun Branch fork village staggering. According to historical records, in Jianshui spread Yi lantern dating back more than 200 years of history. Sixteenth year, the village set up a temporary lantern, sub lamp, work and raise tune the post, specifically responsible for the organization of village lantern. Lantern 3 to 9 days time limit, to see the village economic strength may be, the whole event in three phases: Phase 1 is connected to Genie, namely in Sixteenth day morning, the village by the cap rate of adult men the village is located Theosophical case; Stage 2 lanterns, then come back later Genie, the village began to lanterns, lantern traditional repertoire performance-based, with both fair trade and other economic activities; 3 stage for sending Genie, namely the end of the evening at lantern Festival, held in the village Su ceremony, the Genie sent stockade, symbolizing the end of the annual Spring Festival, people will be nervous from the beginning of spring production.



Torch Festival is folk solemn holiday of Yi. Every year since June 24, Yi village are killing sheep slaughtering, the village people gathered to drink vintage, vintage eat sago, then New Year Feng Shui. In the evening, the village people lit torches, yelling to march between the fields, meaning get rid of evil magic, to meet harvest.


3,苦扎扎节 Ku Zaza Festival

Every year since June 24, Hani village by the leader (A Maao(阿玛奥)) and the whole clan elders organizations, feminist festival dragon, dragon festival after the ceremony, each household from paddy taken to new ear, a new rice mill, rice dyed yellow , boiled red eggs, get together to put Long Street Banquet , were happy to share. In the evening, the village men and women jump Mans encouraged to sing "Ha it Huh," Sleepover.


4,孔子文化节Confucius Cultural Festival

It is a financial sage, cultural exchanges, tourism, academic research, the Electronics brigade cooperation in one of the colorful, interesting large-scale comprehensive international tourism festivals. During each activity, people will hold grand and warm, colorful opening ceremony on September 26; anniversary of the birth of Confucius, held a rally in front of the temple Confucius Temple Dacheng 孔庙大成殿September 28, were spectacular Confucius campaign to hair think of ancient times past, to achieve admiration in memory of the first division aspiration of Confucius.


5,普洱茶和建水紫陶 Puer Tea and Jianshui purple pottery

Yunnan Purple pottery tea(云南紫陶茶具)continuously oxidized and reduced between 1150-1250 degree heat baked in, natural clean, contains iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, strontium and other dozen of beneficial minerals. Yunnan multi-ethnic culture has created profound simplicity elegant purple pottery tea appearance, acid and alkali, smooth soft, breathable insulation, unique; pottery tea purple (purple clay pot, purple pottery tea storage) lets tea full stretch, gave birth to Chen incense sticks original original leaf, mellow flavor of the tea on its head, with purple pottery production storage place Pu'er tea, tea can make adequate breathing, tea can improve the speed and quality of aging,it is located best of tea utensils.


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