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Shuifu Overview

Geographical Location

Shuifu county(水富县) is located in the far north part of Yunnan province, the junction area of Jinsha river and Hengjiang river and the southern margin of Sichuan basin. It stretches 36 kilometers from east to west and 31 kilometers from north to south. Shuifu county bordering Yanjin county on the edge of Wumeng mountain in the south, Suijiang county in the west and Yibin city across Jinsha river and Hengjiang river in the northeast.  The land area is 439.8 square kilometer with the population of 104 thousand.


Shuifu County (水富县) is a county under the jurisdiction of Zhaotong Prefecture-level City located on the boundary of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, and it is on the side of Jinsha River.SHuifu County located in the most northern part of Yunnan ,juction of JIansha river ,Heng river ,Yangze river .Located in the intersection angle of Jinsha river and Heng river,belongs to the sothern margin of Sichuan Basin,the starting point of Yunnan -Guizhou plateau ,Wumeng mountain range in the south ,next to Yanjin county,suijiang county in the west .Shuifu county covers an area of 439.8 square kilometers, the county administer 3 towns and 1 street, population 104,000,this county is the only one where have railways, highways, aviation, water and gas pipelines .Also enjoy the reputation of "the first bend od yangze river ,nothern and southern gate of Yunnan "The city of hot spring and romantic Shuifu".The main attractions in Shuifu county is as following :Tongluoba national forest park ,Shuifu bay,Xiangjiaba hydropower station ,the western Grand Canyon hot springs etc.The highest elevation 1986.4 meters,the lowest elevation 267 meters.During the period of the Republic of China, Shuifu was not a county yet, and separately subordinate to Yanjing county,  Suijiang county, Yibin city. In 1974, the State Council allowed to establish Shuifu district, then ,in 1981,the governor recalled the district and established Shuifu county. Today, Shuifu has became the biggest port in Yunnan province, it is also the only county which breaks away from poverty in Zhaotong.

Administrative Division

Shuifu county administers 3 towns and 1 street: Xiangjiaba town(向家坝镇), Taiping town(太平镇), Liangwan town(两碗镇) and Yunfu street(云富街).

Ethnic Groups

So far, there are 18 ethnic groups in Shuifu county, the total population of these groups reaches 4335,  and Miao people is dominant, its population is 3826. Miao people inhabits together in Triangle village of Liangwan town.

Shuifu county in Yunnan province

Shuifu County
Location of Shuifu County (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Shuifu County (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureZhaotong Prefecture
 • Total319 km2 (123 sq mi)
 • Total91,123
 • Density290/km2 (740/sq mi)
Postal code657800
Area code(s)0870

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