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Zhaoyang District Overview

Geographical Location

Zhaotong city is located in the junction of Yunnan , Sichuan and Guizhou province, and the nuclear area of Panxi-Liupanshui economic development zone(攀西-六盘水经济开发区). It borders Weining county of Guizhou province in the east, Ludian county in the south, Jinyang county in the west across the Jinsha river, Yiliang county and Daguan county in the north. The urban area is 341 Km away from Kunming, 450 Km away from Guiyang, 550 Km away from Chengdu and 580 Km away from Chongqing.


Zhaotong city is the political, economical and cultural center of Zhaotong municipality. The communication here is quite convenient ,some important expressways  and highways go through the urban area, in addition, there is a airport in the city. It is rich in natural resources, especially coal, like anthracite, iron, copper and so on. Among them, the reserve of lignite reaches 8,16 billion ton, ranks No.1 in southern China and No.2 in China. Dashanbao(大山包) is listed as the vital International Wetland and National black-necked crane natural protection area, and it enjoys the reputation of the Hometown of black-necked crane.

Administrative Division

Taiping Street(太平街), Longquan Street(龙泉街), Fenghuang Steet(凤凰街).

Jiupu town(旧圃镇), Yongfeng town(永丰镇), Beizha town(北闸镇),

Sujiayuan township(苏家院乡), Leju township(乐居乡), Sayu township(洒渔乡), Panhe township(盘河乡), Jingan township(靖安乡), Sujia township(苏甲乡), Yanshan township(炎山乡), Dazhaizi township(大寨子乡), Dashanbao township(大山包乡), Tianba township(田坝乡),

Shouwang Hui Minority township(守望回族乡), Xiaolongdong Hui and Yi Minority township(小龙洞回族彝族乡), Qinggangling Huiand Yi Minority township(青岗岭回族彝族乡), Buga Hui Minority township(布嘎回族乡).

Ethnic Groups

There are many ethnic groups inhabit in Zhaotong city . Like most counties under the administration of Zhaotong, Hui, Miao and Yi people are dominant. Miao people ranks first and its’ population reaches 98 thousand.

Zhaotong city in Yunnan province

Location of Zhaoyang District (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
Location of Zhaoyang District (pink) and Zhaotong Prefecture (yellow) within Yunnan province of China
PrefectureZhaotong City
 • Total2,240 km2 (860 sq mi)
 • Total760,000
 • Density340/km2 (880/sq mi)
Postal code657000
Area code(s)0870

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