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  1. Guanglu Old Town,Chuxiong

Guanglu Yao'an County in the northern part of town, 12 km from the county seat, where a long history and profound cultural background, as early as when the Western Han Dynasty (109 BC) is located up-dong counties, cities in the Old City is Guanglu village. Dudu Fu in the Tang Dynasty established Yao. Song for the country's integration vector Dali Prefecture, Dali is one of the country's eight Daming Fu. Yao'an Road home in the Yuan Dynasty Guanglu, Ming and Qing military and civilian government to set up Yao'an, Yao state. Yao'an is an indispensable part of the southwest of the Silk Road, is the Central Plains into the throat of Erhai Lake Dianchi Lake and the strategic, military strategists have always been the battleground, successive dynasties were set up in this way, the House, state, county and selected celebrities Magi guarding their state.

Guanglu town profound cultural accumulation, ancient relics of ancient architecture and more. There was built in the Tang dynasty, God Bless the Longhua Temple. Yuan Dynasty soldiers and civilians in charge of road construction Yao'an House main building there; Wenchang Palace of the Qing Dynasty building skills; Republic of China building a high Xuejun Temple Western Wall, a unique form of construction. North Tower Street, the old residential building unique layout, a "return" shaped structure, the structure is complete, construction pattern is very strange. Guanglu town has a long history and beautiful landscape, many sites are now many high-quality preservation of tourist resources.

Guanglu Old Town,Chuxiong

Guanglu town has been called the "culture of the West Yi Bang," "Festival Village" reputation. Yao'an Gao has Nanzhao and Dali of the two Koreas, Quan Chen, Yuan, Ming and Qing three in the House Yao'an, Yao Zhi Fu, two territories and territories that the state, the Gao family has 700 years of glorious history. Weng's 52 high-Ying Yi is China's famous scholars, knowledgeable, the life of the 80 species, full-duplex Zhaozai Xiang civil and military intelligence, ZHAO He exquisite art-painting, Ma Si-liang books, paintings, music, arts stunning. Rafah small town charm full flower art, traditional ethnic festivals Longhua event far-reaching impact, Yi left foot, strong ethnic characteristics.

Guanglu Old Town,Chuxiong

Guanglu town , Sky Blue, green, the spring rape, broad bean flowers in summer and autumn season of flowers, rice flower, a good pastoral scenery, numerous Mingmugushu around the Longhua Temple, Guanglu Hill ecological vegetation good. Behind the ancient town, Yamagata If You Long Long Mountain, Deep Gap steep precipice, running water Chan Chan, elevation 1,942 meters. Founded in the foothills of a late Tang Tianyou, the Longhua Temple, has been in 1,000 years of history, Yunnan is one of the most ancient Temples. According to historical records, the Ming Dynasty in the early wind and Shing, Mingseng around the Panlong, the ancient Chambers, the vibration continued, the situation sets in here, the temple had reached more than 700 Sengtu, Sichuan and Yunnan and Myanmar, India, a major Buddhist holy sites. Experienced the vicissitudes of the Longhua Temple, now the annual February Chuba "Longhua event", the duration of the Quartet guests gathered nearly 10 million people, bustling, fascinating.

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