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  1. Yunnan Wild Animal Park,Kunming City

Yunnan Wild Animal Park of existing more than 200 kinds of rare birds and animals more than 10,000 head (only). Contains a number of “world’s most” animals, such as the most precious animals – giant pandas, the largest land animals – elephant, the most powerful animals – lions, the slowest reptiles – turtles, the highest animal – giraffe, the largest The birds – ostrich, the smallest bear – sun bears, the largest bird beak – hornbill, the most intelligent animals – chimpanzees, the most united animals – wolves, the highest flying bird (17.68 thousand meters) – Bar-headed Goose, life’s most long cage birds – sunflower cockatoo, the largest bird feathers – Swan, etc.; there are big monster face, orang-utans, while crocodile tears while eating, elegant, noble gentleman snub-nosed monkeys, timid as a mouse’s white-cheeked gibbon, no natural predators of the Siberian tiger, rare animals of Madagascar’s Day-tailed lemur, self-made “nursery” to raise the children of the baboons, “like deer, non-deer, like horse horses, like the non-beef cattle, it seems non-donkey donkey” in elk and a very with personality, character and charm of animals. Animal species in Yunnan Wild Animal Park is not only more numerous, it is natural virgin forest park, forest coverage rate up to 90%.

Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming

Yunnan wild animal in a zoo display originality, animal truly realized dissipate into the atmosphere. At the roadside, in the lawn, in the forest gap, a variety of wild animals can be seen everywhere: sika deer bow of drinking water, peacocks flew up into the high branches hoping Bell, white Fallow deer gentle visitors took delivery fed carrot; walks loitering ostrich, small groups of yak, chasing vehicles, trot along the Emu … … inadvertently, lovely peacock, gentle Fallow deer have been quietly standing by your side. 100 bulls of large carnivorous beast in the jungle, wanton walk, a tiger Chosho remaining Liger Wen Sheng Ying and, Tigers, Roar resounding – no need to worry about your safety, you are under the premise of ensuring safety “in-depth tiger’s den. ”

 Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming  

Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo animals show into a rich culture. Here, the giant panda to play the parallel bars, swinging is no longer a fairy tale plot, monkeys become a diving champion is not comic book images of baby holding a bottle energetically sucking baboons, giraffes couple of food fed each other, loving each other, Sika mother lick calf Wife … … one piece, one after another, animals with their own interpretation of the life of legend.

 Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming

Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo is not only watching, leisure and health resort, is a vivid, vivid natural and cultural classroom.

A recent trip to the Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo, revealed a new pastime... 'fishing' for tigers, lions, bears and wolves.

 Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming

At the 'zoo', 10 yuan rents a bamboo fishing pole with a slab of meat dangling from the end that is supposed to be lowered into the animal area below, where hungry animals await.


Maybe I'll wait for a chickenVisitors to the park can scrap the pole idea and pay 30-50 yuan for a live chicken - price correlates to the size of the bird - which can then be tossed to the hungry animals from a viewing platform above. Kids seem to like this one.


To get to the zoo by bus, take the number 10 bus from Xiao Xi Men (СÎ÷ÃÅ) or Jianshe Lu (½¨Éè·) to the terminus.

The park is open daily from 9:00am to 4:30pm and the entrance fee is 35 yuan or 25 yuan for students with valid identification cards. For taxi directions or other information, call Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo at (0871) 501 7777.

Admission Fee:¥0

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