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  1. Shika Snow Mountain,Shangri-la

Shika Snow Mountain West at the Shangri-La county, Yunnan and the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple -GaDan Songzanlinsi, echoes, open to tourists because of the time not too long, so his name is not known to the world. "-Card" in Tibetan means "the face of the snow-capped mountains east", during the Tibetan calendar, 15, of the Tibetan people in crowds around the mountain to worship, prayer coming year peace happiness.

Shika Snow Mountain in Shangri-la

Blue Moon Valley (Shika Snow Mountain scenic area) is located 7 miles south west of Zhongdian ancient town (Shangri-la). The landscape in the valley is particularly beautiful in late spring, summer and early autumn. The skiing is very good in the winter. The cable car in the Blue Moon Valley is the longest cableway in Yunnan Province. The cable car gives a bird’s-eye view of both Yulong Snow Mountain and Meili Snow Mountain.


Also click the Photos of Shika Snow Mountain and Blue Moon Valey in Shangri-La.
Shika Snow Mountain from the Shangri-La county only seven kilometers. A four Circuit Direct area, about 15 minutes by car. A total length of 4,157 meters tourism cableway from the bottom up, through the entire area. Survey of the Snow Mountain area, valleys and forests, lakes, display, meadow, and other characteristics of the natural landscape Shangri-La, biological and folk religion and culture. 
By cable, first arrived at the ranch Yala Green Wave. This pasture grass because of good quality, yak butter and Naizha output of good quality and famous. Yala Green Wave from the ranch six kilometers southwest of the Department, is the area most legendary Lingxi Lake, the water green Ru Yu. Conglong trees around the lake, the ecological protection of vegetation extremely well, showing a mysterious faction peaceful scene. 

Shika Snow Mountain in Shangri-la

To 4,449 meters above sea level on the Shika Snow Mountain Peak, northwest of the Meridiani snow-capped mountains visible Wenmingzhongwai peak - Kawagebo. She also saw the left side of Myanmar Cimu peak. Similarly distinguished reputation and the Yulong Snow Mountain 2 h also in the south-east. In addition, the Shika Snow Mountain behind the main peak is known as the world was on the valley of the Blue Canyon, which is known for a steep valley. Boarded Shika Snow Mountain Peak Park, overlooking Lennart Meri, Yulong, h, Daocheng, and other famous snow-capped mountains of Xiongzi, feel, sit-see, the magnificent boundless.
Resources of Shika Snow Mountain
The Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Spot lies 7 kilometers to the southwest of Downtown Shangri-La. Towering 4449 meters above the city of Shangri-la, the scenic spot occupies an area of 65 square kilometers with an elevation drop of 1179 meters. Due to the high attitude and vertical climate, we can appreciate various alpine and sub-alpine landforms and vegetation. In the cable car we can have a wonderful bird’s eye view of Gyanthang, the Ganden Sontchenling Monastery, the Napa grassland and the Shangri-La Airport.


Shika means a mountain abounds in deer in Shangri-La Tibetan dialect. It is said when Sakyamuni began to preach Buddhism in Deer Park(¹ҰԷ), two deer listened to him attentively in knee-down posture. Therefore, deer stands for common people and is regarded as an auspicious animal in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the symbol of longevity and strict adherence to dharma.


In the history this lofty mountain stood between two important cities of Shengchuan Tieqiao Prefecture of Tupo Kingdom: Duketsong in the east and Tachengeastern in the west. Therefore, the mountain was the pass connecting Tupo and Nanzhao Kingdom in Dali. It was the first Tibetan sacred mountain along the Ancient Tea and Horse Road and enjoyed high prestige among the people in western Yunnan.


The mountain is famous for its diversity of geological landforms and biological resources. With rich geo-tectonic features, it is an ideal place for scientific research and exploration. The impacts of the Quaternary Glaciation can be seen everywhere in the mountain. Unique valleys and blue alpine lakes surrounded by meadow and forest are extremely attractive to tourists.


According to incompletely statistics, there are 399 kinds of seed plants and over 100 kinds of birds and mammals. Among them 12 rare plants and 30 animals are endangered and was under national protection.


The scenery in the mountain is dynamic. It will change to seasons as a saying describes:

Spring grass, summer flora,

Visit the Diqing in its glory.

Autumn red, winter white,

It’s four-season Shangri-La

For you and me.

Now let’s get on the cable car to the summit for sightseeing. 


It will take us 35 minutes. Then we are going to visit the Forest Sea of Azalea, the Palace-like Pocks, the Lovers` Slope, the Lingxi Alpine Lake, the Yangzha Alpine Pasture,the Long-coned Fir Forest, the Bengcang Pasture, the Big-red-coned Spruce Forest, and Yalaqingbo Sub-alpine Pasture. We will go down the mountain by cable car there at the pasture. The whole journey will take six hours.
Shika Snow Mountain Trekking Tours
1-Day Shangri-La Shika Snow Mountain Trekking Tour
Destinations: Shangri-La,ShiKa Snow Mountain,Alpine pasture

Duration: 1 Day

Difficulties Index:  4 of 5

Best View: 
Summer (April-June)

Overview: Shika Snow Mountain is about 4440 meters above sea level. Some people might have difficulty breathing up there due to the lack of oxygen in highlands. But you will enjoy the great views of the surrounding mountain ranges and valleys.


Day 1: Shangrila-Shika Snow Mountain

This morning, we will drive to visit Shika Snow Mountain, which is about 4440 meters above sea level. Some people might have difficulty breathing up there due to the lack of oxyen in highlands. It will spend us an hour to reach the top by cable car. You have to stop halfway and change to another cable car. Scene from the top was magnificent but there are not many tourists now as the government only recently started to promote this snow mountain. When reach the top of the Shika Snow Mountain, our trekking tour is begin.


We will trekking to Lingxi Lake (3km, 1.5 hour's walk), Have a rest and a picnic lunch on the Alpine pasture. And we will continue our hike to Yala Qing Bo Alpine pasture (7km, 5 hour's walk), take the cable car back to the foot of the Shika Snow mountain, and drive back Zhongdian. End of the tour.


7-Day Shangri-la Shika Snow Mountain Trekking tour

The Shika range boasts spectacular wildlife, forests, alpine lakes, and the aroma of rhododendrons, azaleas, and wild irises. If you are lucky, you may see the fabled blue poppy in bloom.

Treks, combined with visits to Gyalthang's Sumtsenling Monastery, to Gyalwa Ringa temple, and evenings savouring hotpots by the fireside at the Trinyi Community Center will give visitors an intimate glimpse into people's lifestyles in this frontier region.


Tour Program:
Day 1 Arrive Lijiang (2300m). O/N 3-4* Hotel Jian Nan Chun Wenyuan or similar
Day 2 Drive to Trinyi Village (3200m). O/N Tibetan home (BLD)
Day 3 Trek to Yi Gyi Gang Nomadic Settlement. O/N camp (BLD)
Start of 4-5 hrs hike to the nomadic settlement in the high plains of Shangrila, accompanied by local guide, helper and
horses. The morning hike to Tsowaka, a nomadic settlement will take about 2-3 hours, at a altitude of about 3600m.
After lunch, continue hiking for 2-3 hrs to Yi Gyi Gang settlement.
Day 4 Trek to Lake Nyata - Yikang. O/N camp (BLD)
Start of 3 hrs hike to the sacred lake of Nyata, through old-growth forests and rhodendendron woods.
After lunch, trek to Yikang (another 3 hrs) and camp.
Day 5 Trek to Ahji Tsuyun. Abt 6-hrs. O/N camp (BLD)
Descend to Ahji Tsuyun.
Day 6 Trek to Hamugo – Napa Lake; drive to Shangrila. 6-7hrs. O/N 4-star hotel Gyalthang Dzong Hotel or similar (BLD)
Early morning, trek to Hamugo Village through the gorges on the foot of the mountain. From here, continue trek to Napa
Lake, surrounded by beautiful grasslands and swamps. After a lakeside afternoon, drive to visit Sumsanling Monastery
Before check in to hotel
Day 7 Depart Shangri-La. (B)
Free and easy before transfer to Airport for your flight home.

Shika Snow Montain Tour experience by the clients

We woke up early and had breakfast in the restaurant.


recommended by the driver. Didnt have a good sleep last night. Toss and turn and cant sleep well. Later then we discovered it was Mountain Sickness actually. I tried the butter tea (ËÖÓͲè) and found it salty.


We set off for Shi Ka Snow Mountain. Along the way we saw the frames for drying Chingke, plant that be used to make flour and all kind of delicacies, even wine. Satellite images of these frames caused some countries to mistake them as rocket launchers.


Bought the cable car tix and there we are, started the ascend. I must say the little village near the midway stop looked very much like the real Shangrila. We spent sometime there, snapping photos of galloping horses, pigs, and all.


Then we took the cable car up the second leg to the peak. We still have to climb some stairs up to see the scenery around. Strong wind and thin air make every step a tough step ahead. In good clear weather you can see many snow mountains from here but now...we only see clouds. The Tibetans have put the bodies of the ancestors in the holes on the faces of the mountain. Beautiful tibetan flags adorned the mountain. We didnt have time to trek down and visit the lake. In order to do that we must leave the peak by 11am and trek 5 hours down before it get dark. So we took the cable car down and went off for lunch.


The driver brought us to try the Mixian (Ã×Ïß) in the Shangrila town. It was so yummy that i craved for more. The colourful ingredients are pleasing to the eyes to start with. The tasty meat made the mixian totally irresistable. If they ever sell it in Singapore, all the bowls will be snapped up in no time.


After lunch, driver sent us to the ancient town for some walk.


We got down and Yinhuan went to shop for his shoes, which are already giving way. We wanted to find some dessert shop to rest our legs but couldnt find anything decent. Just when we prepare to go back to driver, we came across an inn, The Compass, whithout any chinese characters on them. Rather unusual in this part of the world. I walked in and asked for menu. Not as expensive as I thought. We made ourselves comfortable in the sofa, flipped some magazine. A lady sitting at another table with a baby in her hand, made a head turn and ask: Are you guy from Singapore? We looked at her in awe and nodded.


She then went on to say, the owner of his place, her husband, is from Singapore too! That really caught us by surprise. The lady went to call her husband in and wow we had good 3-hour chat with him! Joe is a very friendly chap. He told us his wife came from Sikkim and they wanted to start something in Lijiang but couldnt find a less touristy spot so decided to venture northward and found this lovely paradise. A exquisite inn consists of 4 townhouse. Very unique in this part of the world. Told us so many interesting tales that got us glued to our seats till 6pm that day. There was a boy who tried to escape NS and came to Shangrila for 6 months till he fell down and broken his neck.


The local Police Chief called Joe up and asked him to be the translator. After some comforting and questioning, Singapore MFA sent down a helicopter at the airport to ferry him back to Singapore at once. What a story!! He has grown close to the Police Chief since then. Joe has also helped arrange for community service work for schools like River valley, ACS and also help organised team building events for companies that flew in. He even recount to us 4WD trek right into Lhasa where camping in open desert is a must-have experience. So much so much stories from his. Do pay him a visit if you happened to go to Shangrila.


We went back to the same restaurant for dinner. Called beer again. Cant resist 5rmb beer in China - dirt cheap. Last night jing jing will be with us. We brought fruits and as usual, they sent me to get a knife from the hotel to peel off the skin of fruits. We watched Die Hard 2 that night. Another sleepless night abound.

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