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Shangri-La is a county-level city in northwestern Yunnan province, People's Republic of China and is the location of the seat of the Dêqên Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.Shangri-La is divided into two areas: Dukezong Ancient Town and a more modern city-like area. The two areas share Tuanjie Street as the common border. Dukezong, located in the southeast section of the county, has a history dating back over 1300 years. Almost all the buildings are white in color and feature the Tibetan style architecture. Upon arrival to old town, we recommend you take some time to relax before beginning your tour. A brief introduction to the scenic spots follows.

I linke to visit Yunnan for
  • 11 Days Yunnan Three Parallel Rivers Overland Tour from Lijiang to Tengchong(Only from April to Octo...

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Deqin-Feilaisi-Cizhong-Gongshan-Bingzhongluo-Fugong-Liuku-Tengchong

    Price from:us$0

  • 18 Days Best Yunnan Panorama Tour

    Kunming-Shilin-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Kunming-Jinghong-Dali-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Shangri-La-Meili Snow Mountain-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 12 Days Grand Shangrila Exploration from Lugu Lake to Yading Nature Reserve and Meili Snow Mountain

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Muli-Riwa-Yading-Daocheng-Xiangcheng-Derong-Benzilan-Feilaisi-Shangrila-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 20 Days Northwest Yunnan Flowers and Snub-nosed Monkey Photography Tour with Haba Snow Mountain Clim...

    Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Laojunshan-Hutiaoxia-Haba Village-Shangrila-Baimang Xueshan-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 15 Days Yunnan Ethnic Minorities Discovery from North to South


    Price from:us$0

  • 14 Days Three Parallel Rivers Circle Adventure(Start and Finish from Lijiang)


    Price from:us$0

  • 7Days Baimang Snow Mountain Hiking Tour from the East to West

    Shangrila-Benzilan-Baimang Snow Mountain-Xianuo-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 11 Days Yunnan Flower Tour to Laojunshan Mountain and Baimang Snow Mountain(May&June)

    Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 11 Days Spring Yunnan Flowers Tour with Luoping Rapeseed Flowers Festival Experience


    Price from:us$0

  • 2 Days Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Tour with Daju Town and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-A

    Price from:us$0

  • 9 Days Shangrila,Baishuitai and Lijiang Cycling Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking

    Shangrila-Baishuitai-Hab Village-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shigu-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 9 Days Yunnan Hiking Tour from Shangrila to Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve


    Price from:us$0

  • 10 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with the upper Yangtze River Rafting Tour


    Price from:us$0

  • 13Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve to Lugu Lake

    Shangrila-Daocheng-Yading-Yongning-Lugu Lake-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 8 Days Shangrila and Lijiang Cycling Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Adventure

    Shangrila-Qiaotou-Bendiwan-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Daju-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Baisha-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 10 Days Shangrila Adventure Hiking Tour from Muli to Yading Nature Reserve

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Muli-Shuiluo-Jialuo-Risa Pasture-Yading Nature Reserve-Daocheng-Xiangcheng-Derong-Benzilan-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 5 Days Haba Snow Mountain Climbing Adventure (Camping at 4800M) with Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Haba Village-Haba Snow Mountain Base Camp-The Summit of Haba-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 7 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Discovery with Yunnan Wild Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration

    Lijiang-Shigu-Tacheng-Ninong-Shangrila-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 15 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Three Parallel Rivers Cycling Tour

    Shangrila-Benzilan-Feilaisi-Mingyong-Cizhong-Weixi-Tacheng-Shigu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Daju-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 4 Days Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour from Qiaotou Town to Haba Village and Baishuitai Terraces

    Lijiang-Qiaotou-Changsheng Village-Nuoyu Village-Bendiwan Village-Middle Gorge-Hetaoyuan Village-Haba Village-Baishuitai-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 6 Days Shangrila and Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve Group Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking Group/No Sh...


    Price from:us$0

  • 2 Days Shika Snow Mountain Hiking Tour

    Shangrila-Shika Snow Mountain-Napahai Lake-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 14Days Sichuan-Yunnan Overland Tour with Litang Tibetan Horse Racing Festival


    Price from:us$0

  • 2 Days Qianhushan Mountain Trekking Tour


    Price from:us$0

  • 15Day Yunnan-Sichuan Kham Tibet Odyssey Tour


    Price from:us$0

  • 18 Days VietNam Yunnan China Overland Tour

    Hanoi-Haiphong-Halong Bay-Hanoi-Laocai-Sapa-Hekou-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Stone Forest-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangri-La-Kunming

    Price from:us$0

  • 15 Days China Speed Railway Tour from Shanghai to Yunnan


    Price from:us$0

  • 16 Days Kawa Karpo Circle Pilgrimage Tour with Three Parallel Rivers Adventure


    Price from:us$0

  • 12 Days Three Parallel Rivers Circle Adventure with Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yubeng Village Trekking ...

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Feilaisi-Meili Snow Mountain-Yubeng-Cizhong-Tacheng-Shigu-Lijiang

    Price from:us$0

  • 7 Days Shangrila Students Education Course


    Price from:us$0

  • 9 Days Yunnan Education Course Tour


    Price from:us$0

  • 7 Days Shangrila Shika Snow Mountain((4447M) ) Trekking and Camping Tour

    Shangrila-Shika Snow Mountain-Shangrila

    Price from:us$0

  • 15 Days China Speed Railway Tour from Guangzhou to Yunnan


    Price from:us$0

  • Super Deluxe 11 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Aman Resort Lijiang,Banyan Tree and Songtsam Hotels Sh...


    Price from:us$0

  • 9 Days Grand Lijiang and Shangrila Exploration from Lugu Lake to Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Lijiang-Ninglang-Lugu Lake-Fengke-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 40Days Yunnan 25 Ethnic Minorities Discovery and Photography Tour


    Price from:us$40

  • 16 Days Three Parallel Rivers Overland Adventure Starting from Tengchong


    Price from:us$40

  • 10Days Meili Snow Mountain Pilgrimage with Mekong Grand Canyon and Yubeng Village Trekking Tour


    Price from:us$40

  • 10 Days Yunnan Botany Tour(May&June)


    Price from:us$40

  • 12 Days Yunnan and Sichuan Trekking Tour from Shangrila to Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve


    Price from:us$40

  • 4 Days Shangrila City Tour to Songzanlin Monastery and Pudacuo National Park Tour


    Price from:us$40

  • 13Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Lugu Lake to Daocheng and Yading Nature Reserve

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Riwa-Yading-Daocheng-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 9Days Lijiang and Shangrila Flowers Tour to Qianhushan Lakes and Mountains

    Shangrila-Xiaozhongdian-Bigu Lake-Qianhushan Mountain-Guangtoupo-Shigu-Lijiang

    Price from:us$40

  • 9 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Adventure with Tiger Leaping Gorge and Niru Village Trekking Tour

    Lijiang-Qiaotou-Tea-horse Trade Guest House-Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lower Tiger Leaping Gorge-Haba village-Shudu Lake-Niru village-Colorful waterfa

    Price from:us$40

  • 20 Days Yunnan Classic Tour and Three Parallel Rivers Overland Adventure with Western Yunnan Minorit...


    Price from:us$40

  • 20Days Three Parallel Rivers Adventure with Biluo Snow Mountain and Yubeng Trekking Tour

    Tengchong-Liuku-Gongshan-Bingzhongluo-Biluo Snow Mountian-Cizhong-Xidang-Yubeng-Deqin-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 15 Days Yunnan Tibet Paradise Exploration Tour with Mt.Everest Base Camp


    Price from:us$40

  • 20 Days Shangri-la Meili Snow Mountain Pilgrimage Trekking Tour

    Lijiang-Shangrila-Deqin-Mekong River-Meili Snow Mountain-Dokila pass-Salween River-The Kora path-Gebu-Deqin-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 9 Days Shangrila BalaGezong Grand Canyon Trekking Tour

    Shangri-la-Qiaotou village-Shuizhuang village-Bala village-Naidang village-Wuse Lake-Balagengzong Glacier -Bala village-Shuizhuang village-Qiaotou vil

    Price from:us$40

  • 12Days Yunnan Trekking Tour from Lugu Lake to Baoshan Stone Town and Tiger Leaping Gorge

    Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Yongning-Zhuangzi-Fengke-Baoshan-Daju-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila

    Price from:us$40

  • 1 Day Shangrila Trekking Tour to Abujee Pasture


    Price from:us$123

  • 2 Days Shangrila Join-in Group Tour with Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking (Join in Chinese-speakin...


    Price from:us$151

  • 2 Days Shangrila City Tour from Lijiang

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Lijiang

    Price from:us$185

  • 2 Days Mekong Grand Canyon and Meili Snow Mountain(Karwa Karpo) Pilgrimage Tour


    Price from:us$204

  • 3Days Abujee Pasture and Tianbao Mountain Trekking Tour

    Shangri-La-Tianbao Snow Mountain-Shangrila

    Price from:us$241

  • 2 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Seat in Coach Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking Group,No Shopping)

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Lijiang

    Price from:us$246

  • 8 Days Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey Exploration and Trekking Tour from Tacheng to Baimang Snow Mountain

    Lijiang-Tacheng-Baimang Snow Mountain-Benzilan-Shangrila-Lijiang

    Price from:us$339

  • 4 Days Shangrila and Meili Snow Mountain Join in Group Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking group/No Shopp...

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Benzilan-Deqin-Feilaisi-Meili Snow Mountain-Lijiang

    Price from:us$489

  • 5 Days Shangrila and Lijiang Highlights Tour

    Shangri-La -Lijiang

    Price from:us$503

  • 6 Days Lijiang and Shangri-La Paradise Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Adventure Via Baishuit...

    Lijiang-Shigu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Baishuitai-Shangri-La

    Price from:us$506

  • 6 Days Meili Snow Mountain Pilgrimage and Yubeng Hiking Join in Group Tour (Join in Chinese-speaking...

    Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Shangrila-Benzilan-Deqin-Feilaisi-Meili Snow Mountain-Yubeng-Lijiang

    Price from:us$520

  • 18 Days Myanmar and China Overland Tour from Yangon to Kunming

    Yangon-Bagan-RV Paukan-Mandalay-Maymyo-Lashio-Muse-Ruili-Tengchong-Baoshan-Dali-Lijiang-Shangrila-Kunming

    Price from:us$625

  • 12 Days Yunnan and Guilin Cycling Tour

    Kunming-Shangri-la-Baishuitai-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang-Guilin-Longsheng-Yangshuo

    Price from:us$769

  • 8 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Paradise Tour with 3-Day Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Adventure

    Lijiang-Shigu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Baishuitai-Shangri-La

    Price from:us$798

  • 16Days Yunnan-Burma Overland Tour from Kunming to Yangon


    Price from:us$816

  • 14 Days Yunnan Highlight Cycling Tour

    Kunming-Dali-Haidong-Eryuan-Shaxi-Qiaotou-Shangrila-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Daju-Lijiang

    Price from:us$899

  • 10 Days Lijiang and Shangrila Hiking Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Adventure and Yubeng Village of M...

    Lijiang-Shigu-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Baishuitai-Shangrila-Benzilan-Deqin-Feilaisi-Mekong Grand Canyon-Xidang-Meili Snow Mountain-Yubeng-Ninong-Shangrila

    Price from:us$952

  • 10Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Dongchuan Red Land


    Price from:us$1008

  • 17 Days Three Parallel Rivers Overland Adventure Starting from Lijiang


    Price from:us$1593

  • 16 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Holy Meili Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake's Mosuo Matriarchal Society and...

    Kunming-Shilin-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Lugu Lake-Shangri-La-Meili Snow Mountain-Shangrila

    Price from:us$1792

  • 11 Days Yunnan Classic Tour with Chuxiong Yi Ethnic Minority Torch Festival Tour


    Price from:us$2203

  • 26 Days Grand Yunnan Ethnic Minority Exploration


    Price from:us$3061

  • 26 Days China Panorama Tour

    Beijing-Xian-Lhasa-Shangrila-Lijiang-Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Yichang-Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou-Guilin-Hong Kong

    Price from:us$4413

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