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  1. Qianshi Moutain in Jianchuan County,Dali

Jianchuan County of Dali Prefecture has enjoyed a long history for its exquisite mason craft; it is where the world famous Shibao Mt Grottos are located. In the local society, one can find stone lions that were originally carved from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, and many old folk residences have set a pair of vividly-looking stone lions at the gate. Qianshi Mt (also Manxianlin), 3 km northwest of Jianchuan county seat, is a world of stone lions amounting to at least 2,000, with the world's highest stone lion being 25 meter tall. In the mountain, one can admire different stone lions representing workmanship of the past nine dynasties of China. All the lion carvings there look vividly different.

Dali Qianshi Moutain

Dali Jianchuan full Xianlin Thousands Lion Mountain scenic area is a national AAA grade scenic spot, Kawa Mitsu Xianlin Thousands Lion Mountain distance Dali Jianchuan County 1.5 kilometers, thousands of sculptures in Shishan with more than 2600 only, true to life likeness of the lions in different poses and with different expressions, is the famous scenic spot.

Full Xianlin formerly known as among the rest of ridge, also known as " buy leisure " built in the Ming Dynasty, by Jiexian bridge, Yanqingta, meaning, main hall, impossible, fairy, fairy chess, Fobaibigao, a Buddism godness Guanyin rock, receive tens of sites. In recent years, Yunnan tour to Dali with Xianlin increased nearly 3000 lions, the lion or leaned rock and chisel, or jump on Ren Shibi, or standing on the roadside near, in different poses and with different expressions, true to life likeness, a showcase of China's Wei, Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, song, yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty, a number of stone lion artistic style, the biggest lion is 25 meters high, 12 meters wide front, side 15 meters wide. Lions of the number, form large, rare in the world.

Dali Qianshi Moutain

A full Xianlin Thousands Lion Mountain gate, an extra pair of stone lions displayed in front of us, let visitors spirits. Along the stone steps to climb, both sides were filled with true to life likeness stone lion: the great lion cub, lion, lioness, standing or lying, or squat or inverted, or anger or temperature, or walk or run, or jump or longitudinal, some in roll, some in the attack, some in the tear, some in the bite, some like father and son, some like mother, like brothers, some like sisters, showing a lion 's big family, arrogant.

Dali Qianshi Moutain

With the sweet birds insects, wind Tao Yun, spring ding-dong sound, hear " 1000 roar hill " the wonderful scene. Curious tourists in thinking that a statue of stone lion, is not the artisans of the continuation of life? They will take their own lives, their own sweat and wisdom to send in a lion body, so thousands of lion smart, smart eternal! Although the road is steep and dangerous, but visitors to the smart and the eternal spirit incentive, finally reached thousands of Lion Peak, finally came to the lion king.

This statue of the world's largest stone lion king, 25 meters tall big grand, big lion mouth mouth can accommodate a dozen individuals, it is " heaven and earth, only this one, " take a heroic posture, gigantic crack time, look down from a height, grimacing, commander of thousands of lion, show the King 's respect, treasures of Shishan.

At present, the full Xianlin Thousands Lion Mountain lion carving project continues, the combination of natural landscape and cultural landscape as one of the characteristics of scenic spot, is attracting more and more tourists.

Here are there, you will find a sign that explain the ‘pose’ of the lions. Hence, you will find the ‘Lion playing with the Kirin’, the ‘Mother Lion playing with her cub’, the ‘Lion family drinking by the pond’.

Some of the statues do not look like they have been affected by time, but many are covered in a green moss. How long have these lions been there?

Historical and cultural information about Mount Qianshi, how and why it came to be are scarce. The few things I know, I read them from a stele I stumbled upon while hiking the trail. According to the stele (which was put there in 2003), Mount Qianshi was discovered in 1639 by the Ming’s dynasty famous explorer Xu Xiake  (徐霞客) when he was surveying the source of rivers and streams in the region. The stele gives all the honour to Xu Xiake (praise him), but no information regarding the lions and how they fit into the local Bai ethnic group culture.

Temples in the forest

There are several cluster of interesting temples, old and new. Some are pretty far up, hidden in the forest after several flights of stairs. Most of them are still in used and local worshipper come a long way to burn incense and worship the Buddha.

My favourite temples were the ones hanging above the valley. Dedicated to the Jade Emperor and the Three Pure (whom are Taoist immortals), they seemed abandoned, but they offer a unique view on the green valley which is definitely worth the hike.

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