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  1. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  2. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  3. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  4. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  5. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  6. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  7. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  8. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  9. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  10. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  11. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  12. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  13. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  14. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  15. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  16. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  17. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  18. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  19. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  20. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  21. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  22. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  23. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  24. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  25. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  26. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  27. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  28. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  29. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  30. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  31. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  32. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  33. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  34. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  35. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  36. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  37. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  38. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  39. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  40. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  41. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  42. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  43. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  44. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  45. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  46. Weibao Mountain,Dali

  47. Weibao Mountain,Dali

Chinese Name: 巍宝山

Keywords: Famous Taoist Mountain

Location: 10 kilometers southeast of Weishan County, Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Total Area: 19.4 square kilometers

Altitude: 2509 meters

History of Weibao Mountain:

Weibao Mountain was ever the farmland of the ancestor of Nanzhao, Xi Nuluo, who took refuge from Ailao Mountain to Mingshechuan and planted in Wei Mountain. According to the demise of King Zhangle Jinqiu of Jianning State, he founded Great Meng Kingdom and called himself King Qijia. Later, his descendants unified five Zhaos and established the brilliant government of Nanzhao in southwest China.

About Weibao Mountain:

Weibao Mountain was the birthplace of Nanzhao State and well-known for its sacred Taoist site. And it is also one of the famous mountains in southwest China with a good reputation of “the quietest place being in Weibao in the world”. This is recorded in the historical books of different dynasties. The history of Weishan’s rising is recorded in “Cause of Weishan” of Tang Dynasty and “Picture Biography of Nanzhao” (by words). And along the south and north side of its peak, there are over 20 palaces or temples, among which Qingwei Temple, Doulao Pavilion, Peihe Tower and Changchun Cave are the largest. A large temple named Xunshan Temple  , where Xi nuluo, namely, the first was mainly offered, is different from other famous Taoist mountains. 

Weibao Mountain   Weibao Mountain

Weibao Mountain

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Taoists in Wudang Mountain of Hubei and Qingcheng Mountain of Sichuan moved to Weibao Mountain and built more than Taoist temples, such as Zhunti Pavilion, Ganlu Pavilion, Bao’en Hall, Xunshan Hall, Wenchan Palace, Zhunjun Pavilion, Laojun Hall, Yuhuang Pavilion, Sanhuang Hall, Pavilion of Kwan-yin, Kuixing Pavilion,Doulao Pavilion, Sanqing Hall, Daoyuan Hall, Yunhe Hall, Peihe Tower, Hanzhen Tower, Hall of Mammon, Hall of Third Princess and Changchun Cave. This made Weibao Mountain the sacred Taoist site and there were hundreds of Taoists. These well-arranged, technically advanced, grand and elegant buildings reflected the religious and national features with rich and colorful sculptures and carvings. The Qing fresco, carved on the piers of Wenlong Pavilion in Wenchan Palace depicted the scene of song competition of Yi nationality. It was a very rare cultural relics. And it was highly exulted when its copy was exhibited in Beijing.

Features of Weibao Mountain:

Taoism based, Buddhism compatible. In the Middle of Tang Dynasty, Nanzhao Kingdom vigorously advocated Buddhism. Although Weibao Mountain is still the important Taoist Temple in Dali area, the Buddhist elements permeated into Weibao Mountain, which can be seem in Guanyin Temple and Ganlu Pavillion.

Taoism in Weibao Mountain absorbed the elements of primitive religion. Xunshan Hall is the representative of this feature. It show that taking root in local ethnic religion is the vital reason of the flourishing of Taoism in Weibao Mountain.

Rare Plants in Weibao Mountain:

The vegetation in Weibao Mountain is kept intact and there are many rare trees, such as evergreen chiquapin, cypress and camphor. Since the late Ming Dynasty or early Qing Dynasty,  the old camellia tree of 15m high and 28cm wide before Zhujun , has lived for 300 years. During early February, hundreds of bowl-like and red like rouge camellias are in full bloom.

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‣‣‣ Tours Including Weibao Mountain

• 21 Days Yunnan Minorities Discovery and Photography Tour from South to North

Admission Fee:¥60

Opening Hours:All Day Long

Attraction Transportation:

Get to Weibao Mountain:

From Dali : take a bus from the southwest bus station in Xiaguan (下关). There is a bus every 15 minutes and the journey lasts about 1 hour to Weishan.
From Weishan : there are no buses to Mount Weibao and you will have to hire one of the green mini-buses around the bus station. You probably want to negotiate the fare with the driver so as he waits for you. 

Attraction Travel Tips:

Unique Festival in Weibao Mountain:

During the period from February 1 to 15 (according to lunar calendar) the traditional Worshiping Fair is held. And thousands of people from all directions come here to visit.

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