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  1. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  2. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  3. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  4. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  5. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  6. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  7. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  8. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  9. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  10. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  11. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  12. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  13. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  14. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  15. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  16. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  17. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  18. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  19. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  20. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  21. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  22. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  23. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  24. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  25. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  26. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  27. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  28. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  29. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  30. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  31. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  32. Weishan Old Town,Dali

  33. Weishan Old Town,Dali

Chinese Name: 巍山古城

Keywords: Ancient Town of Nanzhao Kingdom, Cradle of Nanzhao Culture, Chinese Famous Historic and Cultural City

Location: Weishan Yi and Hui Nationalities Autonomous County, Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Before Visit to Weishan Old Town:

Weishan County is located in the south of Dali and the west of Yunnan Province. Ancient buildings and relics assemble and natural scenery gather here, such as Weibao Mountain, Yuanjue Temple, Weishan Old Town and Weishan Confucius Temple.

About Weishan Old Town:

Weishan Old Town is located at the foot of Ailao Mountain. It is a historical and cultural city known as the cradle of Nanzhao Kingdom. First built in Yuan Dynasty, Weishan Old Town has been changed to the brick city and remained the style and features until today. As the place that carry out Tusi System for the longest time in Yunnan, the long history of Weishan breeds numerous temples, echoing with the natural landscape at the diatance.

Center on Gongcheng Tower, the streets in Weishan Old Town present standard grid-beam structure. In total of 25 streets and 18 alleys, the residences in Weishan Old Town remain the traditional Chinese construction. Among them, the residences along the principal axis preserve the architectural style and features of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Unsophisticated folk custom, profound culture and favorable climate form the tranquility of Weishan people.

Wenshan Old Town in Dali

Weishan Old Town in Dali

Main Attractions in Weishan Old Town

▪ Xinggong Tower(星拱楼) & Gongchen Tower(拱辰楼)

There are four city gate in four directions in Weishan Old Town, which is shaped like a square seal. As the remarkable building in Weishan Old Town, the Xinggong Tower is built in the center in Ming Dynasty. At a height of 11 meters, it consists of timberwork tower and brick foundation support. 

The north city tower of Weishan Old Town is called Gongchen Tower with a height of 23.5 meters. The whole building was supported by 28 large pillars. Climbing up from the east or west gate and overlooking, travelers can clearly see the four main streets extending to different directions and the dignified residences.

Majestically standing in the Weishan Old Town, the Xinggong Tower and Gongchen Tower has been the remarkable building. Inside the old town, the folk residences basically remain the traditional Chinese construction style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Some are 'Three Square with a Screen Wall' and some are 'Quadrangle Dwellings with Five Courtyards'. There are also many ancient buildings existed inside or outside Weishan Old Town, such as Confucius Temple, Wenhua Academy and Yuhuang Pavillion. Some exports praise highly after investigation of Weishan Old Town because of the intact preservation of Ancient Town.

Xinggong Tower in Weishan Old Town   Gongchen Tower in Weishan Old Town

Xinggong Tower and Gongchen Tower in Weishan Old Town

Other Attractions in Weishan:

Weibao Mountain

Weibao Mountain was the birthplace of Nanzhao State and well-known for its sacred Taoist site. And it is also one of the famous mountains in southwest China with a good reputation of “the quietest place being in Weibao in the world”.

Yuanjue Temple

Yuanjue Temple is shaped by trees with a long history of more than 500 years. Famous scholar Yang Shen in Ming Dynasty has lived here. With Mountain in the back and old town in the front, it is a beautiful tourist attraction.

‣‣‣ Weishan Travel Guide

‣‣‣ Tours Including Weishan Old Town

• 11 Days Southwest Yunnan Discovery and Cangyuan Wa Ethnic Monihei Carnival Festival Tour

 18 Days Southwest Yunnan Ethnic Minorities and Border Culture Discovery

Admission Fee:¥0

Opening Hours:All Day Long

Attraction Transportation:

Get to Weishan Old Town:

From Xiaguan, the big town just south of Dali ancient town, take a bus from the Southwest bus station (西南站), there is bus every 15 minutes, so you won’t have to wait to long. It’s a one hour drive. Once at the bus station, take a tuk-tuk for 5 RMB to the Weishan Old Town. The driver will drop you at the Gongchen Tower Gate, in the middle of the ancient town.

Attraction Travel Tips:

Ethnic Minority in Weishan:

The preeminence and quintessence of the Yi's Dage in Weishan live in its long history, integrated configurations, rich cultural connotations, different values and functions. In Torch Festival, people from all directions gather together and sing around the torch. Moreover, the Dongjing Music enjoys good frame.

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