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  1. Qiannuo Buddhist Temple in Jinggu County,Puer

  2. Qiannuo Buddhist Temple in Jinggu County,Puer

Qiannuo Buddhist Temple also known as Dai Long Socks (Dasi), in the Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province Yongping Jinggu Dai Yong Bi-district southwest of Highway 17 kilometers, built in 1778 and occupying an area of 3,960 square meters, is the construction of the Qing Dynasty, but also Yunnan larger Dai Hinayana Buddhism temple one. By the Buddhist temple gate, quit Church, Seng Pang, the great hall, kitchen and other building components. 

Qiannuo Buddhist Temple in Jinggu County,Puer

Mainland-wide gate imitation of Chinese Buddhism in the form of the Han culture, 18 meters high and seven meters wide. Positive for three doors for the doors on each side of a door. Overall for the arch structure, the upper section of the wood, stone foundation for the next paragraph, from the bottom of Xumizuo support of the entire arch. The top three Tongyan, covering Jinghui watts, Yanjiao Bending Upwards. Chinese arch days spent writing "-Buddhist temple," the three characters, inscribed "Qianlong quarter of 1898 Spring Valley Dan." Tongyan under the dragon, moire, and other relief. Hill not far outside the surviving a height of about 30 meters, and a few rough Wai bodhi tree, verdant green. Hill arch on the building of the Chinese also used to write "Fugui doors" were. 

Qiannuo Buddhist Temple in Jinggu County,Puer

Basilica for the three-Chongdanxieshanding Park Gallery building, about 25 meters high, 22.5 meters long, Miankuan five, five into the deep, the entire room of the house on parallel rely mainly on several large column for support, roof Jinghui watts, feather Kok Alice, Danxia by the whole three-tier. Club column within one metre high window, Chuanzi short, gentle slope roof, was about 30 degrees, with the western Yunnan Baoshan, Yongping, Shimonoseki, such as the civil-Tongyan buildings is very similar. Basilica-wall story of a Buddhist sutra stone carvings, carved on the image of various animals and plants, such as the dog hunters flooding Chulie map, Zhang Gong-bird maps, plans, etc. Qicai fed rabbits. Another Diaoyan caisson and the wood carvings, they have a high level of artistic value.

Basilica for the western end of the Buddha statue, as on both sides of the two disciples, Pago Shawa Hom in the right response, Ma A May 8 fruit in the left (the Buddha is said to be water). Another Sakyamuni Buddha in the right rear there are a Maitreya Buddha. Dian several walls painted powder patterns, Hall many paintings hanging around on both sides of the banner, the banner painted on various stories, "call tree Tuen", "Weng Mohan", "possession of Sanya," "1000 Lotus" content These are Xishuangbanna, Dehong permitted furnishings, and other places have common characteristics. 

In the great hall was erected outside the two symmetrical Diaolongdanzhu, two dragon-through heart, head out from the capitals, the faces staring, forepaw the grip of a very exquisite carvings round ball. Built a hallmark of the right ring appear, for the person next to a Buddhist Temple satisfied that the elderly stay at the hostel. Cengshe and kitchen to the back. 

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