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Chinese Name: 文昌宫

Location:north of Lion Mountain, Lijiang Old Town

About Wenchang Palace in Lijiang Old Town:

Built in Qing Dynasty, Wenchang Palace owns a history of 272 years and was once a place for Lijiang students to take imperial examination and for local people to talk about current affairs. Going straight from the path to the right of Qianxue Tower(嵌雪楼), travelers can see the Wenchang Palace.

The house is sit north to the south, like the layout standardization of Confucious' temple, also copy local said the Imperial Palace Beijing. Building group from the palace, pan-chyr, lattice star gate before the house, Wenchang house, the most holy Kai Saint floor building, Kuixing Lou soil, Han Jing Dian, hall and several buildings of the subsidiary, the size of housing a total of more than 20, about 2000square meters, elaborate design, the construction of huge, magnificent. The main building for the hall of Wenchang, covers an area of about 140 square meters, high about 20 meters, and divided into two layers, with the Ming Dynasty from Dali purchased the Wenchang emperor statue.

Wenchang Palace used to be the generic terms of Six Stars in heaven. Wenchang was dubbed emperor during Yuan Dynasty. Wenchang Wang, that is namely Zhangyu of Shu Kingdom, called himself Shu Emperor and died in battle when he revolted Fujian. The later generation built ancestral temple in Qiqu Mountain in memory of Zhangyu. When Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty via Qiqu Mountain, he was touched by the story of Zhangyu so that confer a posthumous title for him. Therefore, Zhangyu was named Wenchang Dijun. Except for the achievement of saving people and brave revolt, he was also the good sample of filial piety. It is said that the emperor of heaven ordered Wenchang Dijun to be in charge of earthly imperial examinations. After Yuan and Ming Dynasty, imperial examination system became flourishing so that the enshrining of Wenchang Dijun became widespread.

Distances from Other Scenic Spot in Lijiang Old Town:

• Square Market: about 0.9 kilometer

 The Giant Water Wheels: about 0.2 kilometer

Lijiang Old Town Travel Guide

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 4 Days Lijiang City Tour with Old Towns,Gorges and Snow Mountain

Admission Fee:¥0

Attraction Transportation:

Walk to arrive in Lijiang Old Town.

Attraction Travel Tips:

Photograph Tips in Wenchang Palace:

It is free to visit Wenchang Palace in Lijiang Old Town. Standing in the space area in front of Wenchang Palace, travelers can shoot the panorama of Lijiang Old Town.

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